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The Prosperity Automated System (PAS) from Prosperity Network, Inc

The Prosperity Automated System (PAS) describes itself almost as a completely automated money making machine.

According to the well-designed website which members direct you to, the PAS creates and closes leads for you 24 hours a day without you having to do a single thing if you do not want to.

They qualify people who are interested in the system, talk to them over the phone and then try to sign them up to the system before paying you a large commission.

The site says "NO Prospecting, NO Advertising, NO Selling, NO Answering questions, NO Closing, NO Telephone calls, We do it all for you!"

As of 1st April 2006 there are around 2,300 members of PAS and then only way you can view the sales page is to be referred to it by a current member.

At first you are directed to the member's home page and are asked for your name and email address to continue and learn more about PAS.

One you have given these details (don't worry, they don't have to be real) you are granted access to the sales process.

Rather than one long sales page, this scheme is split up into around 19 different pages loaded with a great deal of sales patter, some online video, some testimonials and the "benefits" of the system.

Before reading the sales letter, you could be mistaken into thinking that this is a home study course or a mentoring service or some other actual product.

What becomes very apparent, no matter how the PAS sales patter tries to put it, is that there is no "real" product whatsoever in this system.

The only way you can make money is to sign up other people in your DOWNLINE which suggests that PAS is a variety of a Pyramid Scheme.

PAS go to great lengths to try and put across how easy and simple the system is but the real truth is that it has been made to be confusing on purpose.

They use the words "the plan only gets confusing when you forget it" but even reading the FAQs fails to properly explain what is going on.

Basically, you are passing a lot of money up the line, mostly to the people who got in early i.e. Bill Osterhout, Simon Johansson, Dr Lieven Van Neste and his wife Barbara.

A recent press release from the 17th March 2006 claimed that Dr Lieven has earnt in excess of $130,000 since July 2005.


Dr Lieven Van Neste has recently sent out an email to Megawealth members in which he has said some very interesting things. According to Lieven's email there are currently around 3,256 PAS members of which only 713 are qualified.

In his own words, Lieven says that "...almost 4/5 of the membership is still in need of basic Qualification, and thus is still a long way from profit. That is over 2,500 members who need a Qualifying Sale and 2 profit Sales, just to get to a whee bit of profit."

Each member needs 3 sales to get into the slightest bit of profit. This means that there have to be 7,500 sales simply to get all current members into profit. Basically, from somewhere, there needs to be an increase in the Prosperity Automated System membership of 230+%.

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