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The Prosperity Automated System (PAS) - How Does It Work?

Firstly, you are directed to a website by a current member.

This website is in the form

where xxxx is an even 3 or 4 digit number.

Of course, you may be directed to a different URL which is using frames and does not have the above URL in the address bar.

In this case you would just see the email signup form page without a 3 or 4 digit number in the address bar.

The important information on the page is found towards the bottom right. Here you will see some text which says:

'Website owner: John Doe'

Now, John Doe is the referrer who has introduced you to PAS. You can find out the 3 or 4 digit number by hovering over the "click here" link where it says:

'If you believe you have been directed to this website as a result of receiving a spam email, please click here to report it to us'

The link will look like '' where xxxx is the referrer number.

Viewing the PAS Sales Pages

If you do not want to give your email address to PAS, you can get into the site by typing the following into the address bar:

Replace 'xxxx' with a random even number between 172 and 4700. This will choose a referrer completely at random. If you use 172, please be aware that you are potentially signing up into the creator's downline (more later).


In Lieven's May 2006 email to MegaWealth members he stated: "I joined PAS when there was only 123 people in the entire world who had joined thusfar , eventhough PAS had been on the market for 22 months"

As previously assumed by this site, Lieven was one of the first members of the Prosperity Automated System along with Simon Johansson - they are known as the "The Lieven & Simon Mega Wealth Group". Together they formed the MegaWealth group and took the first number - 172 - before signing up Lieven's wife as number 174.

Lieven continues with his typo-laden email:

"With the help and support of Simon, and the great loyalty of every other MegaWealth member, we created the largest Distributor Team in PAS, and were one of the prime forces that permitted PAS to double to 250 members, then to 500, then to 1,000 and now well over 3,000 members.

"In the process of building our own Team, we also realized that PAS was lacking many of the essential building blocks of Quality Marketing (ie. Doorway Pages, Automated Follow Up Messages, More Effecitive ways to Advertise and Maximize performance, an factual non-money-making-hype 19 page website, and most importantly Online Conferences for both the Prospect and the Members - to which I have personally devoted over 40 hours per month of dedicated unselfish effort)."

Lieven says that he provided "dedicated unselfish effort", neglecting to mention that, as he was one of the first members of PAS, he has the vast majority of Megawealth members in his downline. Of course it is in his interest to run these conferences as everyone's first sale probably goes directly to him, Simon or his wife Barbara!

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