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Keith Wellman of FX Marketing Inc and Everyday Wealth LLC

Keith Wellman is fairly well-known in the internet marketing community, mostly for his business relationship with Mike Filsaime and for being a recognised expert in email marketing and customer list building.

Sign up to his Keith's email notification list and you will often receive emails in which he boasts about how he can make loads of affiliate sales by sending just one email broadcast to his customers. His main product, the "List FX" covers this topic and his success in the list building field.

This report highlights my dealings with Keith - specifically his failure to deliver the products that he promised me.

The Promise

On July 7th 2007, Mike Filsaime released a product called the "7 Figure Code". As with a lot of launches in the internet marketing field, this one was promoted very heavily by many different marketers.

Launches like this often turn into a competition between marketers to see who can get the most sales, almost like a "who has the biggest..." contest!

In the case of the 7 Figure Code joint venture competition, the winner (the marketer who made the most sales) not only won a 7 day cruise and a Rolex watch but they also won bragging rights to being the "top affiliate" for a Mike Filsaime launch.

In this close circle of internet marketers who sell "make money" related products, this is a very big deal.

Win a product launch JV contest for a massive 7 figure launch like this and you can use it on your sales letters FOREVER.

So, when it came to the launch of the 7 Figure Code product, marketers across the world pulled out all the stops in order to make sales.

Almost without exception they offered a huge "bonus" package for people who would buy the product through their affiliate link.

For a customer like myself, this was great. I took a lot of time rooting around, trying to find the best bonus package - I was already buying the 7 Figure Code and so any bonuses I could get with it were very welcome.

Some marketers were offering free entry to complete seminars if you bought through their links. Others were offering DVDs, courses, mentoring and all kinds of "high value" products.

I eventually settled on buying through Keith Wellman's link because he was offering the following (text taken directly from his blog so spelling mistakes are left intact!):

  • 2 DVD’s sent to your door called "Same List More Profit" & "Product Creation Workshop" (if you have one or both of these you can opt for the recordings to the one we are about to release called "Your First Grand"... total an easy $197 Real Value

  • Access to an upgraded membership to The List FX which reveals my secrets to building and profiting from massive opt in lists... $297 Value

  • Access to "Your Breakthrough Wealth" which teaches you 3 unique systems to generate 3k in under 30 days... $97 Value

  • A 10 DVD Set with workbooks and CD’s (includes a quickstart guide) containing the material from a $5,500 private event detailing what it takes to set your business up from a newbie’s prospective... meaning you can be anywhere in your business and you’ll learn how to start generating a flood of leads within days of watching and learning from this huge course. This course will be launched on its own very soon... $1,997 CONSERVITIVE Value

  • Access to "Optin Voodoo", "Traffic Voodoo", and "Sales Voodoo"... 3 pieces of software set to be released on August 1st that you’ll get for no cost... You can tell by the names that it is a pretty serious set of software... by the way all of the software is 100% ready and complete WITHOUT any bugs $397 Value

  • A 2 part call with myself and Jeff Wellman... on the 1st call you’ll learn what it takes from a beginner perspective to build your business with the end in mind... On the 2nd call you’ll get a peak into my own business and what I am doing right now to grow my business so fast that in 2 months I went from a 1 man operation to 8 in house employees... $1997 Value

  • Access and upgraded membership to "Layoff Your Boss" with resell rights that’ll teach you how to layoff your own boss as well as give you a product you can have to sell on your own... $147 Value

  • A 30 Minute Profit Creation Consultation that you can use IMMEDIATLY after you purchase with someone from my team to help you formulate the best plan of success to build a 7 figure business...

As it turned out, Keith was placed 12th in the JV competition and won himself a "Casio Exifilm Digital Camera".

In total he made 41 sales of the 7 Figure Code by offering the above bonuses.

Assuming a commission rate of around $250 per sale, it's likely that Mr Wellman yielded an impressive $10,000 or so. All that remained was for him to bank the commission, wait for the refund period to end and then supply the bonuses that he promised.

The Aftermath

Unfortunately, as of the 16th January 2008, it is now over 6 months since I bought the 7 Figure Code through Keith Wellman's affiliate link and I am having real trouble getting hold of a number of the bonuses.

Below is the history/timeline of my dealings with Keith Wellman, FX Marketing Inc and the 7 Figure Code bonuses he promised:

8th July 2007:
Paid $524.50 for the 7 Figure Code via Keith Wellman's affiliate link after reading about the bonuses he was offering on his blog at (click here for archive link). Update: the post and all the comments disappeared from Wellman's blog in August 2007.

16th July 2007:
Email received from Keith's personal Gmail account. This email explained how I could access 3 of the bonuses - 'Your Breakthrough Wealth', 'The List FX' and 'Layoff Your Boss'. Keith explained that the 'Voodoo' courses would be delivered 1 week prior to their launch. He also gave a website address, asking me to fill in a form with my postal address and phone number. This was for delivery of the DVDs which he said would be shipped "after the refund period has expired". This email also gave the details on how to listen in on the call between Keith and his dad, Jeff Wellman.

6th September 2007:
This day marks 60 days since the purchase and well over 30 days since the course was received by me. The refund period is therefore long since gone and the bonuses should be arriving around now.

2nd October 2007:
Optin Voodoo launched. No word from Keith...

10th October 2007:
Email from Keith which says "It has come to my attention that you may not have recieved all of your 7 figure code bonus so I want to make sure you get that :) To access all 3 bonus products use these links..." and then proceeds to give the links for the three products which were delivered in the email from 16th July. Download link for Optin Voodoo also given. No mention of the DVDs or the other two 'Voodoo' products. I send an email to "Marc" who is listed in this email as the man to contact if I want a "30 minute consultation".

15th October 2007:
Receive email from "Geri", FX Marketing's Office Manager. It read: "Hello Ben, I received an email today which express some concerns you had about bonus products that you haven't received. Please refer to the following to get direction for prompt delivery..." Geri asked that I choose which DVD I wanted and also resubmit my postal address. I then sent an email reply with this information on the same day.

19th November 2007:
DVDs still nowhere to be seen... Receive email from Keith about the so-called 30 minute consultation which reads "If you haven't had a chance yet, you will need to schedule your 30 minute strategy session with an internet expert as soon as possible... This was a valuable bonus you received as part of your Affiliate Elite purchase." Considering that I never bought anything called "Affiliate Elite", this is rather strange but I figure it's just a simple mistake.

21st November 2007:
I submit a help desk ticket at which says (amongst other things): "it is 136 days since I bought the 7 Figure Code through your affiliate link and I am yet to see several of the bonuses you promised on your blog... I have provided my physical mailing address to your office twice. Once via a form online which you setup and another time to one of your staff members (Geri?) who was very helpful.... Could you give me an ETA on these products?" Support ticket submitted at 04:29AM.

At 07:59AM I get a reply from "Ralph" who is listed as the 'Support Manager' for FX Marketing. It says "I've sent this directly to Keith. Keith, or one of his staff, will either respond personally, or send me a response for you." Ticket closed at same time.

At 17:40 GMT I get an email from Keith Wellman's personal email account saying: "The DVD's....WOW. I can't believe you don't have them! Something isn't right because we shipped them out to you. Please give me your full address again so I can double check to make sure we sent it to the right place." I send the address details again (3rd time) directly to Keith at 1845 GMT.

17th December 2007:
Email received from Keith prompting me to go to a website to organise a "strategy call"...

31st December 2007:
Email received from Keith prompting me to go to a website to organise a "bonus 30 minute strategy session"...

8th January 2008:
I submit another help desk ticket at which says (amongst other things): "Unfortunately it is now 184 days (half a year) since I bought the 7 Figure Code through Keith's link and I am still waiting for the promised DVDs... Is it worth me chasing these DVDs or is it a lost cause? To be perfectly honest with you, I'd rather just be told that they aren't coming if you have no intention of sending them... I can't say I'll be happy but at least I won't be wasting my time trying to contact you to get them sent over... I was told by Keith back in November (23rd?) that the DVDs had been dispatched and that he wanted my address to double-check that they had been sent to the correct address. I sent him the correct address but heard nothing..."

8th January 2008:
Email received from Keith saying: "Great news! If you haven't had your 30 minute strategy call we finally have open slots..."

10th January 2008:
Reply to support ticket from Ralph, Keith Wellman's Support Manager which says "Hello, I've sent this to Keith's office for assistance. One of his staff will assist you with resolving this... Your patience is greatly appreciated..." Support ticket is closed by Ralph.

10th January 2008:
Email received from Keith saying: "Ben, This email is going to you and only a handful of other clients we have had in the past who I handpicked as 'most likely to succeed online'... I would like to invite you to come down and work with me here in Atlanta at no cost but will need to touch base with you today."

11th January 2008:
Email received from Keith saying: "Ben, Yesterday I sent you another personal email because you are part of our handpicked customers who we believe are most likely to succeed online..."

16th January 2008:
I tire of sending emails and support tickets and publish the first draft of this page, highlighting the disappointing series of transactions between myself and Keith Wellman... It is 192 days since I purchased the 7 Figure Code...

16th January 2008:
Email received from Keith which reads: "Was just checking our records and saw that you haven't had the chance to schedule your 30 min strategy session with us... As part of our "overdeliver in 2008" campaign we would love to deliver this to you..." No thanks, Keith, please can you just DELIVER my DVDs as promised?

8th February 2008:
215 days now and no sign of any DVDs. Plenty of emails came in over the past couple of weeks from Keith but the one today was particularly amusing: "Ben, You are one of our valued customers and so we want to reward you with a couple things... 1st... You may have had one of our 30 minute strategy calls and if so that's ok...Right now we are allowing everyone a clean start so you can get another 30 minute call with us but you must do so now..."

30th July 2008:
It is now well over a year since I bought the 7 Figure Code through Keith Wellman's affiliate link and my bonuses have never arrived.

15th September 2009:
Keith recently updated his Twitter page to comment that he now uses the "Everyday Wealth" name rather than "FX Marketing". None of the remaining bonuses referenced above were ever received from Keith. Discussions relating to Wellman's products on popular internet marketing forum the "Warrior Forum" resulted in Keith being banned on three separate occasions.

7th January 2010:
Keith's latest release, the Automated Sales Formula, results in a large thread on the Warrior Forum. Keith is banned from the forum for the FOURTH time.

The Conclusion

I'm sorry to report that I have yet to receive the full bonus package that was promised.

It's a shame because I really did want to like Keith Wellman. When I saw Mike Filsaime speak at a seminar in 2006, he specifically mentioned Keith as somebody who started out on the wrong track but had basically come good over time and with a little guidance.

Sadly, all I have seen is that he hasn't followed through on promises he made to me. And from where I am sat, with the emails and support ticket responses I have received, it seems to me like the issue is being dodged.

This whole episode has left a very sour taste in my mouth. I really shouldn't have to chase bonuses like this - I'm wasting a lot of time having to continually send off emails and also submit support tickets.

Over the last 6 months I have gone from being a potential high-profit customer to somebody who will never bother doing business with Keith Wellman again

MY advice to anyone reading is:

Next time there's a big launch and lots of different internet marketers are offering the world for you to buy through their affiliate link, choose carefully!

What I would like to make clear is that I received the 7 Figure Code material from Mike Filsaime in good time and it was an excellent package which I am still referring to now. Everything detailed on this page and all of the problems I have had only involve Keith Wellman and the bonuses he promised to me for buying the 7 Figure Code through his affiliate link.

*** UPDATE 18th July 2011 ***:

On the 25th June 2011 Keith Wellman sent out an email explaining that "Everyday Wealth is closed. Recent customers refunded, all operations ceased"

Signing off the email he called himself "Former CEO Everyday Wealth & FX Marketing" and "Founder of Evolve Social".

In a second email on the 27th June 2011 he mentioned what appears to be a snipe at his mentor, Mike Filsaime:

"Years ago, an Internet Marketer taught me how to do affiliate promotions for other peoples products and to send those emails as often as possible to increase revenue. I held that belief for a long time and I didn't question it. My business suffered because of it".

This weekend I received an email from Keith addressed only to me that accused the above report of "attacking me personally".

I leave it up to the reader to decide who was in the wrong.

*** UPDATE 6th September 2012 ***:

For clarification it is now over five years on and the promised bonuses were never delivered.

It also appears that Keith Wellman is no longer involved in the business of internet marketing, or rather selling "how to make money" products online.

I have now managed to get hold of some of the bonuses although I must stress that these products were not provided by Keith Wellman.

Last month I bought a package of DVDs from a former internet marketer that included 2 DVDs - "Same List More Profit" and "Product Creation Workshop". At least I finally get to see them, no thanks to Keith!


Page last updated: 6th September 2012
Page first published: 16th January 2008

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