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Matt Fyles and the 30 Minute UniTrader System

This offering came through the post as one of those rare, old-fashioned, sales letters.

Printed sales letters were all the rage just a few years ago but it appears that most people are pushing products through the web now - video sales letters making it even easier for marketers to rush a promotion out.

The "30 Minute UniTrader" opp appears to be some kind of sports-betting trading system. There's little given away in the sales letter, although that's only to be expected as the idea is to sell this opp on the mystery.

Experience with Betfair trading gives me the impression that this one is probably something to do with a well-known method of trading football matches whilst they are "in-play" i.e. after they have kicked off. This is something that I've been doing already with some success so I do know that trading football matches can work.

The carrot here is that buying this opportunity will show me how somebody else is picking the trades and what their entry and exit points are. If I can piggy-back off their successful refining of a system then hopefully I can make more money.

That's the plan in any case.

So, I ordered the opp on the 25th January 2012 and received a notice (and shortly after an email) telling me that my card "was authorised successfully but NO money has been debited from your account".

I heard nothing else until I noticed that the money had been taken from my account on the 31st January 2012 and the package arrived on the 1st February 2012.

So the experiment starts from now. Will it be possible to make money using Matt's instructions? Was it worth the £75 price tag?

Update 02/02/2012:

First two trades taken yesterday and the result is a small loss of £0.93. However, this is early days and far too soon to be able to tell whether this is a likely money-maker or not.

When the package arrived it was surprising to find that the discs weren't DVDs as advertised but data discs that need a Windows PC to play - so be aware of that. If you're a Mac user it should be possible to view them by opening the SWF files. If you're not technically minded then it'll be easier to stick to using a PC.

The content is OK.

Most of it was basic Betfair trading strategy which is good for someone new to Betfair but it was a waste of time for me. In fact, the whole strategy was given in the last three or so videos so I skipped straight there and watched them.

Within a few minutes I was on Betfair noting down the possible trades. The rules are very simple to follow and I'd picked out 5 possible trades very quickly.

Out of 5 possibles I eventually made 2 trades, resulting in a small loss.

The strategy was different to what I was thinking it would be. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised.

I am reasonably optimistic for this opportunity. It might be a slow-burner but it may well prove to be profitable... Full results provided below.

Update 08/02/2012:

One golden rule for this system has to be that you need to get out of a trade ASAP when one of the 'closing' scenarios been triggered.

Unfortunately last night's trading hit a snag when I delayed just a little trying to get a good price when another goal was scored in the match, causing the odds to shift considerably - and not in my favour. Hence trade 004 below.

I've had further time to think about the UniTrader strategy and the main problem I can see with it is that sometimes it won't be possible to take all of the trades. Obviously, that isn't Matt's fault.

Take Sunday 5th February for example. Although there were a handful of games that may well have satisfied the criteria, it was of little use to me as I was away from the computer and in the local watching Chelsea v Man Utd.

So please take my results as a rough indicator of how it might work for you.

I will miss some trades when I can't be at a PC whereas if you were running the system you may be able to trade every opportunity. In other words, because of many variables it's unlikely that two people running the UniTrader system would get the same results over time.

What is important, and this is something I am trying very hard to do, is to follow the rules exactly as Matt gives them so this is an accurate test of the system.

Last night's match was just one of those occasions where the match came out of 'suspended' status for just a short while before another goal was scored and this means that I had to take a larger loss than normal. Oh well, that's the way trading works.

No doubt in the future some quick action will work in my favour and I'll end up with more profit so eventually it should even out.

I've already had a couple of emails about this system, even though this page was only published a short time ago. If you'd like to contact me then please send an email to:

I'll try to answer any emails within a couple of business days, if they require a response.

Update 10/02/2012:

Another terrible result last night drags the "profit" figure firmly down into significant loss territory.

It's a shame really as the trade was triggered and appeared to be going well but then the one event that we didn't want to happen occurred and the odds moved quickly into a large losing position.

So as the rules state I immediately got out of the trade and have to report a large loss below...

I've decided to only run this experiment for 25 days if it hasn't become profitable, or to quit and get my refund if the bank reduces to 50% or less.

It appears now that the 30 day money back guarantee is far too short, especially if your first few trades are losers. This is disappointing.

Update 13/02/2012:

Three good results on Friday and Saturday were completely wiped out by another huge loss on Sunday.

I'm using a £250 bank and staking 20% per trade. According to the sales letter I should be sitting on a profit of over £112.

The big problem with this system as far as I can see is that if the game doesn't proceed as expected - and football games do tend to throw up a few surprises - the odds move significantly against you and a huge loss is unavoidable.

10 trades so far and 50% are losses. I'll give this system a little longer but I don't hold out much hope of it turning around.

The order form in the sales letter says that Matt is "taking all the risk" and I can get a full refund if it doesn't work.

That's great, I get the price of the CDs back (minus postage). What about the money I lost from the losing trades?

Update 22/02/2012:

Following the poor performance of all the trades so far I didn't make any effort to trade over the weekend as, in truth, I'd already made my mind up about this system. It just wasn't working.

However, with a bit of spare time on my hands I decided to give it one more try last night and picked out 3 possible trades.

One was triggered - MK Dons vs Bury.

The game proceeded exactly as it should do in an "ideal" Unitrader scenario but the odds on Betfair just didn't reflect what Matt claimed they would do.

Net result - another loss.

I've just finished addressing the parcel, the disks (CDs, not DVDs as claimed in the sales letter) are going back today.

Update 24/02/2012:

The CDs were sent back on Wednesday 22nd February 2012 along with a polite note requesting a refund and explaining why I didn't think the system was worth keeping.

Thanks to Royal Mail I can check online to see whether the package was delivered - and it was. The site tells me: "Signature Time: 9:20:00GMT 23/02/12".

All that remains is to see how much of a refund I get and then I'll update this page to let you know exactly how much money I wasted with the 30 Minute Unitrader system.

Update 27/02/2012:

Letter received on Saturday 25th:

"We are sorry to hear that The 30 Minute Unitrader product was not for you. We have had many, many delighted customers who have been very complimentary about the system, but we understand that this approach isn't for everyone..."

The refund of the product cost was in my account on the 24th so they didn't hang around giving me my money back which is admirable.

So here's the end result of my test of the Unitrader product:

Description Amount
Unitrader product (£74.90)
Betfair P/L (£52.99)
Return postage (£1.86)
Refund £69.95
Total (£59.80)

Full 30 Minute Unitrader Results:

Date Trade Number Result
01/02/2012 001  £3.00
01/02/2012 002 (£3.93)
02/02/2012 003 (£2.38)
07/02/2012 004 (£23.57)
07/02/2012 005  £5.94
09/02/2012 006 (£27.44)
10/02/2012 007  £2.26
10/02/2012 008  £3.50
11/02/2012 009  £9.50
12/02/2012 010 (£22.67)
13/02/2012 011  £4.75
14/02/2012 012  £3.16
21/02/2012 013 (£5.11)
Total   (£52.99)


The numbers don't lie, the product simply didn't live up to the claims made in the sales letter.

There are several possible reasons for this, a few of which I will go into below:

Reason 1:

By selling the method and letting lots of other people in on the secret, Matt Fyles has adversely affected the system. Betfair, as we know, can have liquidity problems on some matches. With dozens of people trying to match the same outcome at the same time, the best odds are quickly taken and so those who aren't quick enough can only get poor matches to get in and out of trades.

Being unable to match at good odds would turn a profitable outcome into a loss. Also, you have to immediately close the trade if certain events happen in a match - you can't 'hang on'. Too many people trading at the same time may have caused problems that resulted in the extremely poor results I suffered.

Reason 2:

Matt could've got much better results because he is far more used to trading on Betfair and knows how to judge when to stretch your trades to try and snag the best odds. This take patience and practise and isn't something that you could learn in the small, 30 day window that the Unitrader product gives for testing.

With this system I really feel that a 60 day guarantee would've worked better as it would give far more time to buyers to test the system.

Reason 3:

The third reason I can think of is that the numbers were exaggerated in the sales letter. Copywriters often bend the truth, maybe here they wrote the letter using figures that could be described as "possible in the very best circumstances".

The sales letter stated that by using a £250 starting bank I would be at £1,093 after 4 weeks when I was actually down to £197.01. Winning trades added a little to the pot, losing trades removed a large amount. Even with a better proportion of winning trades to losing trades, it would've been extremely difficult to build up the bank. Demoralising too.

Final word:

In buying this system I went in with a positive attitude, despite what I'd read about Matt's previous opportunities (in particular a video he posted on his sales page when he was using a fake name).

I don't mind losing money testing a system as that's the nature of the business. In this case I'm irritated because the figures aren't realistic and because of that I'm down and I've wasted time too.

This is a particularly ridiculous part of the sales letter:

"Starting with £50, you can turn it into £100 ...£200 ...£400 and so on and it doesn't take long for the numbers to add up to thousands of pounds!"

I'd like to recommend that this part (amongst others) is changed. Perhaps to: "Starting with £250, you can turn it into £246.69 ...£223.12 ...£201.62 ...£197.01 and so on and it takes ages for the numbers to drop, whilst you become more and more disillusioned!"

However, maybe I'm just a freak loser of this system. As Matt stated in his letter to me: "We have had many, many delighted customers who have been very complimentary about the system".

I couldn't help but notice that he said "who have been very complimentary about the system" rather than "who have made lots of money".

So, in the interest of fairness I'm going to throw this out there - have you had success with the Unitrader system? Have you managed to get into profit? Would you be kind enough to give any details i.e. how long it took to get into profit, if you're following the rules to the letter etc.

I have no problem being proved wrong. I'll even re-buy the system if someone can show me they're making consistent profits from it as per the claims in the sales letter.

Anyone with any info, please email me here:

I will update the page with any contact I receive.

In the meantime, as you can probably already guess, I don't recommend the 30 Minute Unitrader system.

Update 02/04/2012:

I have received 4 emails from users of the Unitrader system - 3 have lost money, 1 has made a small profit. To avoid cluttering up this page, the comments have been published on the blog:

Feedback Received for Matt Fylesí 30 Minute Unitrader System


Page last updated: 2nd April 2012
Page first published: 1st February 2012


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