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Business Opportunity Manuals, DVDs and Videos For Sale

Here's a range of items I currently have for sale to clear - hence the low, low prices. Grab a bargain!

Please note: Prices include delivery to addresses in the UK. All items are 100% official.

Last update: 1st January 2017

To claim any of these courses, please email me at:

Newly listed items:

(1) John Reese's Traffic Secrets 2 - in superb condition and rarely seen on eBay - Traffic Secrets 2.0

(2) Stuart Goldsmith's Escape The Matrix course

(3) Sure Thing Commodity Trading

"The Freedom Class" - 6 DVD set from Tim Brocklehurst

Tim Brocklehurst's Freedom Class seminar on DVD"In 3 days, Tim Brocklehurst assisted 15 people to set up their own automated Internet business from scratch.

Each person left The Freedom Class with a live working web business selling a product on the back-end through a viral front-end which helps it grow automatically.

Using this structured, easy-to-navigate DVD of The Freedom Class, combined with the MVS software, you can do the same..."

Tickets for a seat at this seminar were priced at $10,000 and when it was released on DVD Tim charged $1,000 per set. This DVD set is in as new condition.

Please note that the price does not include any software, only the DVDs are for sale here.

Price: only 97 (which includes delivery in the UK)

The Ratchet System from George Elliott and Streetwise Publications

The Ratchet SystemThe Ratchet System manual and CD

This is an A4 printed manual in a folder as well as some worksheets, a CD and a confidentiality notice.

The Ratchet System is a horse racing system sold by Streetwise for 497. It shows a method of making big gains from horse racing with minimal risk.

Sales letters for this product even included a testimonial from one of Streetwise Publications' employees who claimed to have made 629 profits in two days. She is now "averaging over 100 a day profit".

Price: SOLD

Vince Stanzione Making Money From Trading Global Financial Markets Seminar DVDs

Full Financial Trading Day DVDs4 DVDs and a resource CD capturing a full Vince Stanzione Trading Day seminar.

All the DVDs are in great condition.

Vince shows you how to trade currencies, commodities, shares and market indices - as well as other more exotic instruments.

Attendance at this seminar cost at least 2,000 per ticket and so to be able to see the same on DVD at a fraction of the cost is a bargain.


Price: SOLD

11 Issues of John Reese's Reese Report Internet Marketing Newsletter

11 issues of John Reese's Reese Report newsletter11 issues of the Reese Report - the monthly newsletter from the well-known and respected internet marketer John Reese.

John Reese became well-known when he released his $1,000 "Traffic Secrets" course in 2004 and this newsletter followed on from that course. It wasn't cheap at $97 per month but there was a surprisingly large take-up on it due to his reputation in the internet marketing world.

All of the newsletters are in great condition with no notes in any of the margins. They are split up into several sections and each month there are niche ideas, testing results, Q&A with subscribers, marketing makeovers and more.

If you have any interest in internet marketing or product creation then the information John provides will be priceless to you.

Price: SOLD

13 Issues of Oliver Goehler's eBay Kommando newsletter

Oliver Goehler eBay Kommando newsletter13 Issues of Oliver Goehler's eBay Kommando newsletter

"The Inside Track to Profiting from Internet Auctions"

All of the newsletters are in great condition with no notes in any of the margins.

The Issues are volumes 11 and 13 to 24. This newsletter was originally sold by Streetwise Publications.

Price: SOLD

Stuart Goldsmith Full Trading Day Seminar 4 DVD set "The A-B System"

Stuart Goldsmith's Full Financial Trading Day courseThis is a 4 DVD course that covers a full financial trading day seminar held by Stuart Goldsmith.

Stuart guides attendees through the whole system, which is known as the A-B System and was developed by John Piper, over the course of the trading day.

"As a well-known author of books on this subject I'm often asked if there is a simple "Set and Forget" system which people can use to make money from home. Also, it needs to be something suitable for the total beginner.

"After two years of work I have come up with the perfect system which I believe ticks all the boxes. It only takes a few minutes a day and can be run from a PC at home connected to the Internet. It is very low risk and you don't need a huge sum to get started. You don't need prior experience although you do need to be reasonably intelligent.

"I have shown this system to many people now and they are using it with terrific results. This DVD contains the full footage of a recent 1-day seminar in which the system was explained to 25 people who had never used anything like it before. Even better, the system was run live on the day and made a profit! Please could I urge you to take your time learning this system properly? Don't just rush it or dismiss it after a brief glance. If you do that you'll miss out on a steady income for life. I do hope the system starts working for you and brings you in steady money each week."

Price: SOLD

"Way of the Warrior" - 12 Part Course from Stuart Goldsmith

Stuart Goldsmith's Way of the Warrior course"There is a group of people, largely secret, mostly unsuspected by the general public. These people are not in contact with each other, but they have many things in common. They are all wealthy or becoming so. They all live their lives pretty much as they want to live them. They pay little tax, or sometimes none at all. They are free from much of the 'red tape' and bureaucracy which stifles most other people. They glide through the 'cracks' left in the system. They are largely 'invisible', and they intend to remain that way. They are not registered, filed, documented and computerised. 'Big Brother' knows very little about these people. They are like shadows."

The first paragraph from the introduction of the Way of the Warrior course.

This is the follow-up course after Stuart's Inner Circle course and is very rare indeed. If you are a fan of Stuart Goldsmith then you'll know what to expect.

Price: SOLD

How To Make 1,000 Per Day Before Breakfast by Terry Wilson

How to Make 1000 Per Day Before Breakfast"Discover How to Receive Sacks Full of Money Each and Every Day - Delivered Right To Your Front Door!"

This is an A4 manual that was sold by Streetwise Publications and deals with direct marketing and product development.

The original sales letter made quite a mystery of what this particular business opportunity involved. It sounded like it was a "middleman" opportunity.

As it turned out, "Terry Wilson" is an information publisher and is making a lot of money so he has called his manual "1,000 Per Day Before Breakfast".

The manual is full of information, it isn't padded out like many manuals are. It's well-written and extremely informative - lots of practical advice for anyone who want to publish information as a business.

Price: SOLD

Secrets of Licensing by Nick James

Secrets of Licensing by Nick James

This is a manual and DVD set where Nick James explains how to make money by licensing products to sell on.

Here's what it says on the front cover:

"I KNOW what you want! You want a seriously stress-free way to make SEVERAL THOUSAND POUNDS of pocketable PROFIT EVERY MONTH... without working TOO HARD and by using every available SHORTCUT to optimise every opportunity! If that sounds like you... then you should read on eagerly - because I can show you how you can do it!"

Price: SOLD

The V System from Matt Fyles - Betfair Trading Course Full Home Study Programme

Matt Fyles' V System

A follow-on to the Ternary system, this is another course on Betfair sports trading created by Matt Fyles and marketed by Tim Lowe of Waverley Media and Markiteer.

The V System was first released as a series of 6,000 or so per head two day seminars. Shortly after it was released as a home study course with the whole two day seminar shown on 6 DVDs. There are also some workbooks and a CD. The lowest price for the home study course was a single payment of 2,600.

The V System contained 5 main Betfair trading strategies and another bonus strategy called the "Coffee Break Double Bank Builder" system. All of the systems are detailed on the DVDs and also in the workbooks.

Price: SOLD

The "Ternary Trading System" from Matt Fyles

Matt Fyles' Ternary Trading System

This is a Betfair trading system created by Matt Fyles and marketed by Tim Lowe of Waverley Media.

It was released for a short time in 2012 and includes 4 systems - the first a foolproof way to make 1,000 called the "1k Quick Start Method". This promises "your first 1000 within 28 days".

The other 3 are trading strategies for Betfair and in the sales letter the reader was promised "a whopping 10,000 a month profit within six months".

Price: SOLD

The 7 Figure Code DVDs by Mike Filsaime

Mike Filsaime's 7 Figure Code 16 DVD setThese DVDs were first released in July 2007 and feature all the footage from a $5,000 per ticket seminar (called the "7 Figure Business seminar") held in early 2007 by Mike Filsaime and Tom Beal. The price to buy them new from Mike's site is $1297.

There are 16 DVDs in total and they feature the following speakers: Mike Filsaime, Tom Beal, Stephen Pierce, Amish Shah, Larry Ostrovsky, David Cavanagh, Drew Miles, Brad Fallon, Ken McArthur and Rich Schefren.

Price: SOLD

The 5 Secrets by James Edwards

This is a 10 part course that has recently been advertised by "Jim Hunt" and Streetwise Publications.

Get all 10 parts immediately without having to wait 10 months...

Price: SOLD

"Hot Commodities" - DVD featuring Jim Rogers

Subtitle: "How Anyone Can Invest Profitably in the World's Best Market".

Jim Rogers Hot Commodities DVD"Jim Rogers is a well known name in the financial industry. As one of the most successful traders, he co-founded the Quantum Fund and was able to retire off the investments at the age of 37. He has been a professor of finance and media commentator worldwide. In 1998 he started his own commodities index fund that has since grown over 300% (2007).

In this special live session filmed in London, Jim Rogers explains his strategies on how anyone can invest profitably in the world's best market, commodities.

He also goes on to explain his view on global currencies and which countries he is focusing his investments on.

Whether you're just starting out or you're a professional investor, this DVD is a must see."

Price: SOLD

14 Issues of Jonathan Street's Internet Income Detective Newsletter

The issues are: "Premiere" issue, January 2008, February 2008, March 2008, April 2008, May 2008, June 2008, August 2008, September 2008, October 2008, November 2008, January 2009, February 2009 and March 2009 (these newsletters are not published in July or December)

Price: SOLD

39 Issues of Nick Laight's "What Really Makes Money" Newsletter

The issues are: March 2006, April 2006, May 2006, July 2006, August 2006, September 2006, October 2006, November 2006, January 2007, February 2007, March 2007, April 2007, May 2007, June 2007, August 2007, September 2007, November 2007, January 2008, March 2008, April 2008, May 2008, June 2008, August 2008, September 2008, October 2008, November 2008, January 2009, February 2009, March 2009, April 2009, May 2009, June 2009, August 2009, September 2009, October 2009, November 2009, January 2010, February 2010 and March 2010.

In addition are 4 "Fast Cash Compendium" special issues which are described as "The Best Money Making Ideas from the Vaults of Canonbury Publishing Ltd". The issues are from December 2006, December 2008, July 2009 and December 2009

Price: SOLD

Joint Venture Secrets - "How to Make 25,000-100,000+ Per Month From Home as a Joint Venturist" - DVDs featuring Nick James and Andrew Reynolds

This is a set of 4 DVDs which describe how to make money through lucrative Joint Ventures. The first 2 DVDs explain the system, the other 2 bonus DVDs are "The Millionaire Lifestyle of the Joint Venturist" and "The Daily Profit System; Making 5,000+ a Day From Home"

Price: SOLD

How to Make 15,000 to 25,000 Per Month within the next 6 Months - DVDs by Tim Lowe

This set of 3 DVDs includes 2 DVDs of Tim Lowe describing his "web-ads" method for making thousands of pounds per month through newspaper advertising. Also included is a special bonus DVD featuring Andrew Reynolds at Wembley Conference Centre - "How to Pull In 325,176 in just 48 hours"

Price: SOLD

The "Golden Backdoor" by Vicky Smith

Subtitle: "How to Bypass All the Hassle and Hotwire the Internet for Fast Profits".

This is a 70+ page manual which is sold by Fleet Street Publications amongst others.

Price: SOLD

How to Create a Fortune on the Internet in Just Four Simple Steps

This is a 176 page book by Corey Rudl, the late owner of the Internet Marketing Center. It is known as the "Unofficial Corey Rudl Biography"

This book will teach you the four-step internet marketing system that Corey used to generate over $40 million in sales.

Price: SOLD

Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet

2 huge folders - almost 1,000 pages in total. This is known as the most complete internet marketing course on the internet.

This is Corey Rudl's course, brought to you by his company, the Internet Marketing Center.

Price: SOLD

23 Issues of Andrew Reynolds' Newsletter iTradeAlert

For sale - 23 issues of iTradeAlert which was a monthly newsletter created by Andrew Reynolds back in around 2000.

Issues are May 2000, June 2000, July/August 2000, September 2000, October 2000, November 2000, December 2000/January 2001, February 2001, March 2001, April 2001, May 2001, June 2001, July/August 2001, September 2001, October 2001, November 2001, December 2001/January 2002, February 2002, March 2002, April 2002, May 2002, June 2002 and July/August 2002

All contained in 2 binders, they are in good condition for their age with limited highlighting etc.

Price: SOLD

Trading the Easy Way by Ian Williams and Streetwise Publications

Huge financial trading course in great condition, there must be maybe 300 pages of quality information

Price: SOLD

The Maverick Investor's Home Study Course from Streetwise Publications

Huge folder containing 10 lessons:

The World of Alternative Investments
Antiques and Collectables
Hobbies and Interests
Motoring Investments
Investing in Property
Little known property investments
Profiting from Penny Shares
Futures, Options and Corporate Bonds
Investing Overseas
Miscellaneous Investments

Each lesson is about 30 pages - very interesting stuff and in great condition.

Price: SOLD

The 'Millionaires Mega Yacht' DVDs by Andrew Fox

This is a set of 8 DVDs featuring a host of internet marketing experts having a mastermind session on Andrew Fox's luxury yacht.

The experts are: Andrew Fox, Jeff Walker, Ewen Chia and Dave Mizrachi.

The DVDs are in perfect condition.

Price: SOLD

Financial Freedom Fighter by Stuart Goldsmith

Huge home study course about share trading and property investing from Stuart Goldsmith, first published in 2002.

This, I think, was the follow-up to the Inner Circle course.

10 lessons housed in a binder plus a "Lifeware" software CD.

Probably 300 pages plus.

Price: SOLD

How to Profit With a Direct Sales Web Site

How Bill Harris took a little web site that made $3,500 a day and grew it to over $8 million in internet sales.

Course contains 6 CDs and a guidebook.

Price: SOLD


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