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Mike Filsaime, Butterfly Marketing and the 7 Figure Code

By no means new to the world of internet marketing, Mike Filsaime made a huge splash in January 2006 when he released a product called “Butterfly Marketing”.

The main component of this course was some specially designed membership site software which automatically made every new member an affiliate – and presented them with their affiliate link when they logged into the site.

Mike’s concept was to create a software product which allowed site owners to give away a ‘freebie’ to attract new members.

These new members would be required to create an account when they first signed up in order to get their free gift. On first logging in they would be shown a special, one time offer – a bargain deal which they were warned that they would see only once.

So, despite offering a freebie, the site owner would receive some income by offering a great deal to all new members.

The Butterfly Marketing idea really caught on because product owners realised that having all new members become affiliates automatically was a great idea.

As soon as they logged into the members area they were first told that they could use a special affiliate link with the potential to earn money from each new member they referred.

This created a viral effect with members referring new members to the freebie, hoping that they would buy the upsell – for which a commission was given on all sales.

Those new members would then, in turn, go on to refer more new members for the same reason causing a ripple effect.

Internet marketers quickly realised the potential for making large profits and, at the same time, building large email databases.

For marketers selling internet marketing products, the Butterfly Marketing software was ideal.

Their target members would know exactly what to do with an affiliate link (as opposed to, say, people interesting in gardening who typically aren’t interested in earning money online and so wouldn’t see the point of having an affiliate link).

The success of Butterfly Marketing made Mike Filsaime a very well-known character in internet marketing circles. He was able to capitalise on this by speaking at a variety of marketing events and seminars.

Speaking from the stage he would often be required to offer a course of “continuing education” – more commonly known as a “pitch”.

Mike usually offered a special mentoring package called I5Gold which he ran with a handful of other internet marketers. He had plenty of signups and many people who took the I5Gold mentoring have become well-known internet marketing experts in their own right.

Holding regular teleconferences for I5Gold members provided Mike with the opportunity to record these calls and create additional bonus products.

Speaking at Robert Puddy’s Focus 4 the Future seminar in Birmingham, September 2006, one of the points Mike made was that attendees should “record everything” that they do as it makes for great material in the future.

He certainly took his own advice in this regard as he used I5 Gold conference calls as bonuses for his new products.

In February 2007, Mike and his VP, Tom Beal, hosted a huge event in Long Island, US called the 2007 Figure Business seminar.

Held over 3 days this was a high ticket seminar with attendees paying over $5,000 per seat.

Mike managed to attract some big name speakers and the footage went on to become a product known as the “7 Figure Code”. It was released on the 7th July 2007 (i.e. 777) and is a fascinating insight into a multi-million dollar company.

In their presentations, Mike and Tom reveal how the company (, Inc) is run including details of their US headquarters, their eastern European employees and all of the different processes they use to develop new products and services.

For more details about this product, please see the sales page:

Update: This opportunity is no longer available but the page remains online for archive purposes


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