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Darren Winters, WIN Investing and the Winters Investment Network

In order to attract customers, Darren Winters runs adverts throughout the London press and also on the capital's radio stations promoting his free investment wookshops.

Recently, the WIN Investing promotion has travelled a little and you can attend the free tutorials in the North as well as the South - with Manchester and Liverpool now being venues, amongst others.

The Free Tutorial

Each free workshop is around 3 hours long, split into 2 parts.

In the tutorial, the Winters Investment Network promises to show you how to trade the stock market and earn yourself a vast fortune.

Of course, a little information is held back. To get the full story, you have to attend the weekend course.

In years gone by, Darren ran both the weekend courses and the free tutorials. However, I attended the Manchester tutorial on Wednesday 15th February 2006 and was quite disappointed that the salesman was not Mr Winters but a WIN employee called Andrew Banford.

Andrew was quite entertaining, adding a couple of jokes to his sales patter. He talked up Darren Winters' achievements and showed us some testimonials from past students. He even showed us some footage of Darren introducing the weekend seminar as "the greatest investment training in the world".

However, about half an hour into the sales talk, Andrew passed around some flyers advertising the training seminar on sale.

The 3 day training course is known as "The Path To Financial Freedom" and sounds good - promising "Exact steps for the Million Pound Strategy" amongst other things.

Then he introduced the host as Dr Rohan Weerasinghe who he said was "Oxford educated" and has a PhD in Civil Engineering.

Update 27/06/08: I received an email asking me to point out the following:

"It is untrue that Rohan Weerasinghe is Oxford Educated and he does not present a 3 day seminar for Darren Winters or the Win Investing Company.

To clear things up with you, Rohan was once associated with Darren Winters, but out of personal choice ended the relationship."

On his personal blog, Dr Weerasinghe says in a post made on September 11th 2006; "I was recently teaching a three day stock marlet event event for WIN Investing (Darren Winters)..."

It was a great disappointment. After all, Andrew was boasting about Mr Winters' achievements and then he asked us to pay to spend 3 days listening to somebody else completely.

Needless to say when it came to the 5 minute, half-way break, I left. With a fair percentage of the rest of the audience.

I was looking forward to the free tutorial to see Darren Winters in full sales mode. I have heard he is an excellent salesman. When Mr Banford introduced himself, unfortunately, I wasn't very impressed.

It was disappointing...

Who is Darren Winters?

Like Vince Stanzione, Darren Winters' WIN Investing company runs seminars for ordinary people with little or no stock market experience.

Rumour has it that Darren started on the journey to becoming a super trader whilst working at McDonalds (not a particularly brilliant job for an Exeter graduate).

Whilst his friends took the mickey out of him, Darren booked a ticket to a trading seminar with his credit card, his reasoning being that you can never pay enough for good training.

Once he had been to this seminar, he was hooked. He boasts that he has read over 200 books on investing and learnt, face to face, with some trading masters.

At the free tutorial, Andrew Banford even told the attendees that Darren had learnt personally from Lewis Borsellino - a pit trader from the US.

After learning from the greats, Darren then set about becoming a multi-millionaire trader, which he apparently managed to do by age 31. Since then, he has trained over 7,000 people at his 3,000+ three day seminars.

Booking a place on the 3 day courses can be done through either attending a free tutorial (where discounts are available) or by calling Winters Investment Network direct.

See National Press for details.

* UPDATE 08/06/09 * - According to the Involvency News website, WIN Investing is to "propose a LLP Voluntary Arrangement" as of the 30th March 2009:

Insolvency News - WIN Investing to enter voluntary arrangement


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