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Review of Oliver Goehler's eBay Kommando Newsletter

The eBay Kommando newsletter is edited by Oliver Goehler and published by Streetwise Publications.

Subscription to the newsletter entitles you to a 16 page printed A4 newsletter delivered to your door once a month.

For the first year the price is 47 which then increases to 117 for each subsequent year. Streetwise make it very tempting to sign-up by chucking in some great bonuses.

Firstly you get the newsletter, then a free copy of Oliver Goehler's Divergence Profit System manual. You also receive a free copy of the eBay Kommando's Private Members file and 12 months' unlimited email access to Oliver.

Considering the Divergence Profit System usually costs up to 77 on its own, this is a good deal at a knock-down price.

But is the eBay Kommando newsletter any good?

The first few pages each month are written by Oliver himself under the heading "Editorial"... which is only fair as he is the editor!

This part is usually a "chatty" introduction and focuses on one aspect of eBay trading that Oliver feels is important.

Next up come the features. The "Market Niche Report" zeroes in on a specific niche market that you can look into.

Example of past niches include "Trading Antiques on eBay" and "Successful Christmas eBaying".

An indepth analysis of the important considerations for that particular niche is included in the report.

Another regular feature is the "PowerSeller of the Month" where the tactics and techniques of a high volume eBay seller are discussed.

The seller in question may or may not know that their business is being investigated by the eBay Kommando team but the newsletter covers the reasons why each particular person or company has become successful.

Next up tends to be an "eBay Seller Interview". This is a short, usually 2 page, section where one seller describes how they got into selling on eBay, what products they specialise in and what they have learnt whilst trading in their particular niche.

Each interview is described as "The Secrets of eBay Success from the People Who Have Done It".

Two pages contain "Readers' Questions" where subscribers can write to Oliver Goehler and have their questions answered in print.

The questions vary - some are from complete beginners whilst others are from advanced eBayers who are looking to expand i.e. start dealing with wholesalers and importing goods.

There's a good mix of relevant questions which Oliver answers in an efficient manner. This section is called "Ask the Kommando".

Last of the regular features is the "Sources of Stock" section.

It is here where the eBay Kommando team carefully select three companies that supply stock for resale.

In the past the wholesalers mentioned have dealt in Lamps and Lighting, Pottery & Cookware, Maternity Wear, DIY Supplies, Discount Electricals, Handmade Candles and much more...

The above covers the regular features but Oliver and the Streetwise team often add more features to the newsletter.

Recent articles have included:

"Write a Bid Attracting Title Bar"
"Become an Expert for Repeat Business"
"Latest Gadgets to Source for Resale"
"Source Bargains with eBay Shops"
"Taxing eBay Issues" etc


If you are into all-things-eBay then Oliver's eBay Kommando newsletter is likely to be an interesting read each month and worth the subscription fee.

The price of the first year is very reasonable, especially when you take into account the many bonuses.

It's well written and well presented although when Oliver concentrates on one particular niche that you aren't interested in it can be quite boring.

Or maybe that's just me :)

As far as I am aware it is only available by subscription from Streetwise Publications so you will have to somehow get on their mailing list in order to sign up.


© Copyright 2005 - 2017 Ben Catt.