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Mark Warren and the Ultimate Wealth Package - Review

If you've even attempted to look for a "work from home" business opportunity via search engines like Google, you are bound to have landed on Mark Warren's over-hyped Ultimate Wealth Package sales page.

Mark claims in the headline:

"Work at Home and Start Earning a Full Time Income Working only 30 minutes per Day!"

and then ups the claim in the first paragraph of his sales patter:

"If I told you I have a system that runs on autopilot where you could earn $200 to $1000+ every day working as little as 30 minutes, would you be interested?"

Pretty bold claim by Mr Warren, I'm sure you agree and he offers proof straight away, asking visitors to click to see examples of his earnings. Mark shows several screenprints of his Clickbank accounts and also another unspecified set of accounts which add up to over $50,000 in a month.

The earnings from his first screenshot show about $5,000 in eight days. The second shows $9,700 in the same time period.

Each one has headings which say "free signups" and "paid signups".

These screenshots are likely to come from Mark Warren's "free website" offer. He lets every single visitor sign up for a free "fully automated money making website" but there is a twist.

The free site is not particularly customisable. You can only put up a couple of Clickbank affiliate links and they will install it for you but that's about it.

Also, the "basic" package carries AdSense adverts which are powered by Mark Warren's own code. Every single click on one of those adverts not only takes a potential customer from the site but also adds money to Warren's account.

The Pro package is much more customisable but is extremely overpriced.

Why? Because Mark Warren takes a hefty commission for each sucker... I mean, customer who signs up and agrees to pay $11.95 per month.

Let me just say here that $12 a month is an extremely high price to pay for what is just a "cookie-cutter" site. There are loads out there and very few make any money at all.

It's basically a pyramid-scheme like program. They set your site up to promote Mark Warren's Ultimate Wealth Package and if you make a sale then your customer is very likely to do the same. If he then makes a sale, the customer is encouraged to spread the word too. And on, and on it goes...

Pretty clever stuff by Warren, it must be said.

But is his name really Mark Warren?

It's doubtful. Sites that he owns are registered to several different names - if he hasn't used domain registry privacy protection (a known tool of scammers).

The main Ultimate Wealth Package site has its registration details hidden by "Domains By Proxy" meaning that someone wants to hide the fact that they are running the site.

The domain of the website offer that "Mark Warren" promotes is owned by somebody called Mark Jenney of Barberton, Ohio in the USA. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Jenney is the person going round pretending to be called Mark Warren to sell his various get-rich-quick schemes.

Warren also seems to run Danny's Scam Review, a dodgy review site which constantly hypes up Mark Warren's products.

How do we know that Mark Warren runs

Well, join his newsletter and also "Danny's" and you will find that both Mark and "Danny" will send you exactly the same emails promoting exactly the same affiliate links.

It's dubious and very unethical - Mark Warren (or is that Mark Jenney?) is basically creating false identities to promote his own products and publish fake testimonials.

What about the Ultimate Wealth Package?

Well, to be fair there is a small amount of decent information hidden in the huge amount of poorly-written eBooks and worthless old resale rights eBooks that Mark packs into the download area.

Mark Warren seems to have used ghostwriters who do not speak English as their first language to write a lot of the material.

Take for example a portion of his ebook called "Making Money with An Opt-In List" where it says:

"Not a lot of people use email

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing methods nowadays simply because virtually almost all people use email. Check on those email fields or blanks required to be filled up on various forms needed in processing different transactions. A person without an email address is tantamount to a person without an online home, which is one big shameful truth for this generation."

This kind of jumbled, incoherent text is pretty typical in his eBooks.

In the end, the whole download area is about up-selling. In fact, the whole Ultimate Wealth Package is about up-selling.

Mark Warren seems to want to sell you anything and everything he can within the shortest amount of time he can. As soon as you buy the opportunity you are presented with a One Time Offer to upgrade your package. You are then presented with another offer in the download area to try and get you to sign up for the "free" website.


Mark Warren is a very smart marketer. He has managed to get a whole load of internet marketing newbies to buy his course and then spend all their time promoting it via the websites he doles out for a hefty monthly fee.

The customers then also promote the Ultimate Wealth Package, attracting new customers who also promote it and so on...

Of course, they promote the package until they realise that they aren't making money and then give up - but Warren still has all the money and plenty of new blood coming into his marketing funnel.

To be fair, the package isn't all poorly-written eBooks and upsells.

Hidden away in the Ultimate Wealth Package download area are several interviews with famous internet marketers, delivered via MP3 format. These are good.

On the whole though, this product isn't particularly good. Mark Warren is dragging people in and upselling them as much as possible before they realise that it wasn't such a good deal and give up.

Forget about these "money making websites worth $1097", you won't make any money with them and they are very dishonest.

Also, don't take any notice of Warren when he says:

"We used to charge $149.00 for the Ultimate Wealth Package however for a limited time only you can get the entire package for just $49.95 which a small price to pay to change your life"

The truth is that Mark Warren has never charged more than $50 for this package - ever. And it's doubtful he ever will. Don't be fooled by any claims that the price will rise - it's all hype.

Final Opinion -

The Ultimate Wealth Package isn't particularly brilliant even though the large amount of content seems impressive at first.

It's recommended that you keep your money in your pocket and learn how to create your own website with fresh content and a reason for visitors to come back.

Don't base your internet business on a dodgy and extremely overpriced "opportunity review" site which is identical to hundreds of other out there. Build a real business...

Update - 15th March 2008:

Since the above report was written in early 2007, Mark Warren is no longer selling the "Ultimate Wealth Package".

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