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Sara Brown, Tony Shepherd and Laycock Publishing Limited

In the past, Sara Brown was known for selling her information products exclusively through eBay with the eBay username "mmmmsara19" and an eBay shop going by the name "The Jobhaters (sic) Workplace."

Sara is an eBay PowerSeller and has been using the site since 13th February 2004. Her feedback score of 1049 (99.5% positive) is impressive with just 5 negatives.

Sara's first major product was an eBook sold under the title "I WOULD LIKE TO GIVE YOU MY WAGE!!! - sara brown"

With this course, Sara promised to show you how to mimic her achievements in earning £600+ per week - from home.

Sara's technique is to create eBay Auction Income Streams which, as she claims, "automatically generate income while you sleep".

If you buy her product (an ebook and membership to a member's only website) she will "commit financial suicide" by showing you exactly what she does.

The whole idea behind this business opportunity seems to be that you sell eBooks on eBay and the more you sell, the more income streams you have.

Unlike other business opportunity hawkers, Sara is down to earth about the potential of the systems she sells - possibly even understating the likely earnings. Indeed, she is one of the only internet marketers out there who will tell you that you have to put in hard work at the beginning to make it work:

"You WILL have to put some effort in. But working sat at home in front of the PC, coffee and biscuits by your side sort of eases the pain, dont you think?"

Sara Brown and eBay

In the past Sara has been known to sell 5 ebooks via eBay and claimed to make £2000-£3000 per month - a very reasonable £24,000+ per year, all for a couple of hour's work per day.

The main manual costs only £24.99 and she also offers a shorter manual for £16.99 called "Quick Cash Injections in 24 Hours" as well as others.

But, is the earning potential there?

Looking at Sara's sales over one month, from 9th July to 9th August 2005 she managed to sell £1644.15 of products on eBay.

Altogether, her net profit (excluding any PayPal fees) comes to £1270.73 which is not bad at all for emailing a few eBooks each day.

If every buyer were to use PayPal, the fees she would pay would be £77.83 and the net profit would now be £1192.90.

Assuming this is the average monthly net profit of her eBay business, Sara can boast a pre-tax eBay-only income of around £15,000 per year.

However, Sara isn't naive enough to rely on eBay for her income. At present (19th April 2006), she is not selling anything on eBay - perhaps taking a break from it all? Or maybe she has decided to Escape eBay?

Steadily, over the last couple of years, Sara Brown has built up a portfolio of websites, each one offering her eBooks.

All are part of the Laycock Publishing group which she runs along with Tony Shepherd.

Tony Shepherd - the "One Month Magnate"

Tony used to sell another of Sara's ebooks through his own eBay shop but has now pretty much ditched eBay and makes his income solely through selling his eBooks on his various websites.

Tony's latest book is aimed at the complete beginner in Internet Marketing.

He took a step back and thought about how he could rebuild his business if he suddenly lost all of his contacts, websites and money.

The "One Month Magnate" is the result. This new eBook shows you how to build up a regular monthly income, from scratch, in just 30 days.

It's perfect for anyone wanting to know how successful internet marketers such as Tony and Sara start a project and, more importantly, see it through to completion.

Best of all, the eBook gives a simple, no BS method of making money and walks you through it, step-by-step.


Although eBay change the rules constantly and make it tough for people to earn a living, Sara and Tony have managed to build their businesses by using eBay at first. They now both seem to have dumped it altogether, moving away from the endless fees, feedback issues and everything else which can make eBay a nightmare.

What you will find out when you read Sara's work is that eBay was always just a small part of her online business.

Both she and Tony recommend using eBay for traffic only before moving onwards and upwards to better things i.e. your own websites. You can learn more about this approach in the "Escape eBay" book (see links below).

Sara Brown and Tony Shepherd provide good, down to earth information for any aspiring internet marketer. It's refreshing to see information publishers who don't hype everything and who can actually tell it like it is.

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Other Laycock Publishing products:

The Sara Brown Interview eBook Package

Sara Brown's Ultimate Income Plan eBook

Laycock Publishing's "Escape eBay System"

Laycock Publishing's "Public Domain Profits Book"

Update - 20th October 2008:

Brand New From Sara Brown & Tony Shepherd

The 'Kickstart Course' - A Step-By-Step Training Program For Starting And Running Your Own 100% Unique Business - It's Like Mentoring In A Box!

Update: This opportunity is no longer available

January 2008 Update:

Sara Brown and Tony Shepherd recently announced that they have spent months researching a brand new income stream method for 2008.

On their new site they now present you with everything you need to replicate the methods that bring them thousands of dollars each and every month.

In "Licensed to Quit" not only do they show you the methods they use but they also present 'real life' examples of the products that are pumping money into their accounts, day after day...

A must have eBook if you want to finally quit your job in 2008:

Update: This opportunity is no longer available

January 2007 Update:

Sara Brown has released her latest product called "Sara Brown's Mini Launches" or rather "How to earn a four-figure sums from home using just a PC and Internet Connection"

This is one of her "favourite and easiest money-making methods"

The basic idea is that you buy cheap but well-written info products and sell them off for just a few dollars.

Your launch is high volume but low priced to give you maximum profits...

Update: This opportunity is no longer available

June 2006 Update:

New Laycock Publishing product - the Worn Paper System at

Now that it looks like both Sara Brown and Tony Shepherd have dumped eBay completely, one (or both) of them has written a brand new eBook priced at just $27 (+ VAT in the UK).

The PDF eBook is a descriptive, step-by-step guide on creating websites for automatic income production. The author guides you through the process of getting a site online and through the many different ways of earning from your site.

Click here for a Review of the Worn Paper System eBook


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