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Virtual World Direct - National Lotto and Euromillions Syndicate System
By BizOppsUK newsletter subscriber, John Hewkin

This is an intriguing opportunity targeted at both the lottery playing public and also at people who want a straightforward and inexpensive business development opportunity.

Briefly, Virtual World Direct is a British company which has been operating successfully since 2002 on both the UK Lottery and the Euro Lottery.

It has developed a genuine, mathematically advantageous way of playing the lottery which is unique. Each player belongs to a 49 member syndicate and everyone also has the option of participating in an affiliate capacity, with the opportunity to build a profitable business.

Main features are:

  • The odds against winning a prize on the UK Lottery are reduced from 54/1 to 13/1
  • There is a 700% better chance of winning the UK Jackpot
  • All winning lines produce higher prizes than normal individual entries
  • The cost of playing the UK Lottery is £5 a week, which gives 44 syndicate line entries each Wednesday and Saturday (the line cost is reduced from £1.00 to £0.06 per line)
  • Players are not committed for any longer than one week and can leave at any time
  • Affiliates can very quickly play each week completely FREE and also generate regular income

Affiliate Option

The affiliate option (cost £4.99 per year) can facilitate a regular, if modest, income stream for minimal effort.

For anyone wanting to be more actively involved there is an excellent opportunity to earn quite serious money.

It works simply on the basis of referring people to play the lottery, which earns direct commission and continuing residual income. Playing the lottery free each week is easily achieved by referring just five persons and any subsequent referrals contribute to building regular income.

The basic arithmetic is as follows:

  • Each person introduced (either as a player or an affiliate) earns 20% commission on the recurring weekly £5 playing subscription, which amounts to £1 commission per week.
  • Commission on the first five persons introduced is offset against the affiliate’s own weekly subscription, which results in the affiliate playing free.
  • Commission on subsequent persons introduced is paid to the affiliate every four weeks. The commission on 50 persons works out at £180 every four weeks (£50 - £5 x 4) after deducting the affiliate’s weekly subscription, which is £2340 per year. On 100 persons the commission is £4940 per year (£95 - £5 x 52). There is no limit on the number of persons that can be introduced to earn the 20% commission.
  • An affiliate also earns 5% commission on the weekly subscriptions of all referred persons at successive levels, as persons who are introduced subsequently become affiliates themselves and refer others. This significantly increases income growth potential.

The VWD website is excellent and each affiliate has an individual website page which can be customised to some extent. The administrative and marketing support provided is extremely helpful and various promotional materials are available.

In summary, it is an opportunity well worth considering.

I was sufficiently impressed to sign up as an affiliate and can thoroughly recommend it. For people addicted to the lottery this seems a better way of playing than probably any other. As an MLM opportunity I consider it to be excellent.

It is inexpensive and can be utilised either for "pin money" or for developing a worthwhile business.

The potential market is worldwide.

Full details of all aspects of Virtual World Direct can be found on its very comprehensive website via the following link:

Update: This opportunity is no longer available but the page remains online for archive purposes


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