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Review of the Become Hated eBook

After the Rich Jerk eBook was released and became a success, a great deal of people are now trying to tweak the "traditional" sales method and make their mark on the Internet Marketing world.

The "Become Hated" eBook has broken the mould a little by offering a short sales letter rather than the 30+ page behemoths that you can sometimes come across online.

But, is it any good?

I took the plunge and ordered...

The eBook is 77 pages long, PDF format and pretty well written - there are some minor typos, but only the standard ones

(why is it that the majority of marketers have to add apostrophes where they shouldn't? It's bonuses NOT bonus's, DVDs NOT DVD's!).

Delivery is instant after payment is accepted, you are guided to a webpage where you can download the PDF file.

Pages 4 to 13 concentrate on building your own website and producing a passive income from affiliate programs. Tips on gaining free content as well as how to source unique content cheaply are covered. Some ideas here are excellent - I had several "why didn't I think of that?" moments...

Pages 14 to 22 contain a wealth of information about building content based websites and also the many different advertising companies you can work with to draw an income from your site.

Of course, a lot of space is given to Google Adsense but the eBook suggests several other sites to look at. In particular, one which works by turning individual words on your site into adverts. For a content-heavy site, this kind of advertising is ideal!

On pages 23 and 24, Become Hated covers the real money-maker that is selling your own product. It's a short chapter but the advice is very sound.

From pages 25 to 34 the current "trend" of Blogging for profit is covered. Now, setting up a blog in itself is not difficult, adding Adsense to it isn't either.

However, Become Hated stands out from the crowd in this chapter as it goes through, step by step, how to use RSS feeds to generate traffic to your blog. Priceless advice and, the way this eBook describes it, a lot less complicated than it sounds!

The blogging section is definitely worth the price of the eBook - this is something you can setup, from scratch, without spending any money. Blogs are free and you can add Adsense adverts for a free and easy passive income.

On page 35 the author quite rightly points out that it can be hard to drive traffic to your website. However, over the next 5 pages he describes Google's ranking system and then, from pages 40 to 50, explains the some of the very best methods to use to attract visitors. Some are free such as directory submission and press releases, others covered require expenditure i.e. banner advertising and Pay-Per-Click advertising.

Strangely, although there are a lot of useful links to forums and websites which cover advanced Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ideas, the author neglects to mention articles...

High Yield Investment Programs (HYIPs) are covered from page 50 to 61. Many people invest in these "systems" and some are known to make money. However, as 12DailyPro showed, you can lose money rapidly if the system suddenly collapses.

The author weighs up the pros and cons and ends with a very sensible conclusion.

The remainder of the eBook covers some well-trodden ground such as "Get Paid To" schemes, casino scalping and sports betting arbitrage. It's all interesting information which, if you don't already know about, you may find useful.


The best information is certainly held in the first 50 pages - with a blueprint of how to make money from blogging and websites. I will definitely be using several ideas gleaned from this eBook, starting immediately.

I can honestly recommend the "Become Hated" eBook for relative newcomers to internet marketing and those who wish to set up something which provides a residual income from home.

I especially liked the blogging section, this bit will allow you to set up an income producing web-presence without any capital expenditure (apart from buying the eBook).

At $67 it isn't overly expensive but it does cost more than the Rich Jerk eBook. Become Hated has an advantage over the Rich Jerk eBook in that it provides a system you can start for free.

Click on the link below to learn more about the Become Hated system.

Thanks for reading,

Ben Catt

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