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Nick James and Power-Tech Associates Limited

Update 2014: Please note the following was written in 2006 and is no longer applicable. is no longer a "business opportunity" related site. It has been replaced by the "Internet Marketing Training Club".

Nick James runs Power-Tech Associates Limited from his home in Reading.

Although he does promote through the internet, Nick considers himself a "direct marketer" rather than an internet marketer.

Nick James makes his money by licencing business opportunity products and selling them on and also through lucrative Joint Venture arrangements. In addition, he develops his own products, especially software.

Over the past 5 years, Nick has sold over 1.2 million worth of products. The vast majority of this, from just 2 products.

Through his website,, he offers a member's only subscription service with articles, free software and large discounts on his products.

This is much in the same vein as Bill Myers who runs a very similar site in the US.

Physical products offered on the website include books by Stuart Goldsmith, DVDs by Bill Myers, Manhattan Direct seminar videos and courses by Frank Garon, someone who Nick works closely with.

He also offers his own products including the "Online Auction Profits Home Study Package" which deals with how to make "Between 250 - 1000 Profit Every Weekend From Online Auctions".

Available for 49.95 + 4.95 P&P, this package includes:

  • "eBay For Fun and Profit" - a DVD produced by Bill Myers
  • Bonus CD-ROM containing "The Number One UK Wholesale Guide" and Nick's own "Auction-O-Matic" software
  • "The Advanced Tips And Techniques Book that'll help you earn far beyond the 1000 weekly amount by giving you info to earn 100K a year!"
  • 12 month's subscription to his eBay-related UK Power Seller website

The package is backed with a 60 day guarantee and Nick offers a quick, polite refund if you are not happy with the product providing you return it to him within 60 days.


Nick James has built up a very successful and profitable business since he began in 2001.

Unlike others, Nick does not simply offer seminars, he has made a subscription website with new articles constantly added, an "Internet Resource" which does offer great advice at a reasonable price.

There is no doubt that Nick is very successful and can prove he knows what he is talking about.

Nick's latest product is a DVD set which will show you how to become the "man in the middle" collecting the cash whilst someone else does all the work - a Joint Venturist.

Update: This opportunity is no longer available but the page remains online for archive purposes


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