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Review of the SportSure Trading Programme from Tim Lowe, Pauline Wheeler-Reid and Tony Langley

The SportSure Trading system was released in October 2013 and is a series of 12 monthly modules that aim to teach people how to trade sports markets successfully on Betfair.

The system is being promoted by Tim Lowe but there are two people who are doing the actual teaching in the course - Pauline Wheeler-Reid and Tony Langley.

SportSure is one of a long line of systems that have been published and promoted by Tim Lowe

These include:

  • The Rich Life System by Mike Windsor (which it turned out was Matt Fyles using a fake name) - October 2009, 400
  • Heptamatic Trading System by Matt Fyles - October 2010, 6,000
  • 30 Minute Unitrader System by Matt Fyles - February 2012, 70
  • Ternary Trading System by Matt Fyles - April 2012, 600
  • The V System by Matt Fyles - June 2012, 6000 as a seminar, 2600+ as a home study programme.

If you didn't already know, it is possible to make money by "trading" on Betfair before or during sports events.

A good example would be during a football match.

You could back a team (bet on them to win) just before a game started and then if/when they take the lead and their odds drop you can place a second bet that ensures you make money however the match ends.

Should they not take the lead and the opposition scores then you would place a second bet that results in a loss.

It's much like trading shares - you buy a share and then hope to sell it when it rises in value. On Betfair you buy a bet and then sell it later, hopefully whilst in a position where you can seal a profit.

SportSure is a 12 month programme which costs 89.90 per month for the first 3 months and then 149.90 for each of the remaining 9 months.

There is a guarantee for the first 30 days so that you can get access to the first module - called the "Early Goal Method" or the "9 Minute Profit Plan" - and then get your money back if you decide it isn't for you.

The marketing for this involved a letter through the post which contained a password to type into a website. The website in this case was simple-sports-trading-profits dot com.

On the site is a written sales page and also a video featuring Tim, Pauline and Tony discussing the first system, the 9 Minute Profit Plan.

In the 30 minute video Pauline describes a little about the Early Goal method explaining some of the rational for this trade.

From this video I was able to guess what the system was and when I did sign up for SportSure and logged in, the system was pretty much exactly what I imagined it would be although there are some criteria to follow that Tony has created.

The sign-up was very quick and easy, I put in all my details and was asked to choose a username and password. In seconds I was logged in and looking around the site.

The first trades are tonight (I missed the one at 10am this morning).

My initial thoughts are that it shows a little bit of promise but once bitten twice shy - Unitrader turned out to be a huge disappointment which you can read about here: Matt Fyles and the 30 Minute UniTrader System.

Also, I was well-aware that this course was being released several months ago due to some extremely dubious websites and "review" blogs that have been spammed across the web.

You can read about that here: SportSure Software from Tim Lowe and his customers Tony Langley and Pauline Wheeler-Reid.

I'll update more about SportSure on this page in the future but your comments are welcome on the blog: SportSure Software from Tim Lowe and his customers Tony Langley and Pauline Wheeler-Reid.

Fingers crossed that this turns out to be a good money-maker.

Pauline and Tony appear to be decent people who are willing to share their secrets about making money on Betfair so let's hope their research and systems fatten my Betfair account as promised...

Update Monday 21st October 2013

The first Sportsure webinar was held on Saturday and there were around 100 attendees. It was a question and answer session where Tony and Pauline answered the attendees' questions for about an hour.

The recording of the webinar has yet to appear in the member's area of the Sportsure site.

As results go, it's disappointing so far with 23 trades, 19 winners and 4 losers.

The bank is currently 6.5% down.

I have requested the results of Tony's one month test where he managed to more than double his 300 bank with the Early Goal method because I want to check and see what kind of losses he was experiencing when losing trades occurred.

Obviously no trading system works 100% of the time and I am happy to take some losses but the profits must add up to more than these losses. It is worrying that my losing trades add up to almost double what Tony states they should be.

Update Thursday 24th October 2013

Things are looking up, slightly, as the bank is now only 3.2% down.

I did query the amount I was losing when a trade went sour through the SportSure support website. Tony replied to say that the "trend had changed" and he was suggesting a change to the Early Goal method.

This was on Monday and the change was officially released on the webinar on Monday evening. I can't say that this gave me much confidence simply because I wouldn't expect a system that we were told had been working for two years to suddenly stop working and need changing less than a week following the launch.

It isn't clear yet how this change will affect the system because I haven't had a losing trade in the days following the webinar.

The only way that we'll know if this alteration to the first module has reduced the percentage loss on a losing trade is when a trade goes against us, and obviously I'm not hoping for that to happen!

Once again the webinar on Monday evening was attended by over 100 people although Tony had difficulties with the technology and was unable to show us the live screen he was hoping for.

Neither of the webinar replays are available yet in the members area although there is an apologetic announcement on the site.

Update Friday 25th October 2013

Please see new blog post about SportSure:

SportSure Trading System Review - Questions and Answers from a Subscriber

Update Saturday 26th October 2013

Another webinar this morning which was held by Pauline on her own.

Pauline managed to get the live screen working so she could show us what she was doing on her PC. Up to 90 attendees were on at any one time.

All 3 webinar replays are now available in the members area so that's good to see. Guess they've solved the technical issues.

Tony was absent today due to having a "very poorly mother-in-law" and Pauline said "he feels very guilty for not being available" for the webinar.

Sadly, although it's not really surprising, the new "change" to the Early Goal method hasn't made any difference whatsoever to the loss amounts when a trade goes wrong.

The bank is now down 9.27% and a loss today and another yesterday were 71.64% and 67.52%.

I've logged two new support tickets. The first was yesterday (25/10) and it asked Tony for details about his calculations on his videos. I've spotted what appears to be a significant error that makes Monday's change a waste of time.

The second new ticket was requesting (for a second time) a spreadsheet showing the details of Tony's test in July where he claimed he used the Early Goal method to double a 295 bank.

The video on the sales page is too blurred to see many of the figures comfortably although I did manage to make out what is an astonishing figure that couldn't possibly have been made using the Early Goal method.

With the very poor results and the wait for satisfactory answers to my support tickets weighing on my mind, I've decided to stop trading the SportSure trading system with real money for the moment.

I've had a few comments on the blog and one person in particular appears to have similar results to me so I am confident it's not something I'm doing wrong. I think the system is seriously flawed and the test Tony did is completely invalid.

I'm happy to be proved wrong though and look forward to seeing the results in readable (i.e. spreadsheet) format.

The blog post with comments on is here:

SportSure Trading System Review - Questions and Answers from a Subscriber

Update Tuesday 29th October 2013

According to the video on the SportSure sales page, Tim Lowe gave Tony Langley a challenge:

"I want you to go away and [video cut at 13:56] make as much as you can using just method 1 and starting with a modest amount of starting bank"

Tony started with 295.50 and "more than doubled it".

There's a video that proves it apparently "using just method 1".

I'm still not using the system as I have lost confidence in it. Tony replied to me about my worries about the change of method implemented less than a week after launch on Monday 21st October.

He said that the change was made so that "our overall liability is reduced by laying compared to backing for the same staked amount". Which is true but the same thing could be accomplished by simply advising subscribers to use a smaller stake when backing! So the change was a complete waste of time.

I really don't want to give up on this system but Tony and Pauline appear to be forcing my hand, rather than calming my fears about the Early Goal method.

Update Wednesday 30th October 2013

I have blanked out some of the text from the above update as at present I feel it's better to give the benefit of the doubt. If this prevents the above update from making sense then I apologise for that.

Following some updates from Pauline yesterday in the support centre I decided to try again with the Early Goal method and sat down at 1930 with the intention of trading any possible games that fit the criteria.

Unfortunately my new "try" failed pretty much immediately with a 72.08% loss. The trade went sour just as I loaded up the BetAngel screen to close it out for a profit. Literally the second I opened the market I saw that the odds had collapsed and then I heard the sound of a goal coming from the site.

A second trade was successful and netted 5.26% profit after Betfair commission.

There's little to say except - change or no change - the losses are the same. In fact, following the change they may even be larger.

Loss amounts before the Monday 21st October change: 68.92%, 60.84%, 68.08% and 68.20%.

Loss amounts after the Monday 21st October change: 71.64%, 67.52% and 72.08%.

As of the end of 29/10/2013 the bank is down 12.74% with 39 total trades - 7 losers, 32 winners.

Update Friday 1st November 2013

There was an announcement today through the email that told me to log in to the site where I found that there's going to be another webinar on Saturday.

Whilst I was logged in I noticed a new link (or maybe it wasn't new but I hadn't seen it before) at the bottom of the screen - "SportSure Trading Results".

Tony's results from the 21st to the 28th have been posted for members to view. He has done far better than me, with 12 trades - 0 losing trades, 11 winners and one break-even.

Of the games he traded I also traded 6 of them but I don't know what stakes he used so I can't compare them. The description says he is using a 300 trading bank so perhaps he is using 15 per game - but is that total stake or total liability?

Over the same period I traded 14 games and got 12 winners and 2 losers.

I used 5% of the bank total liability, not total stake.

Profitable trades were:

8.2%, 13.4%, 5%, 1.68%, 14.68%, 4.64%, 9.36%, 0.42%, 5.84%, 2.2%, 7.04% and 1.76%

Losing trades lost 71.64% and 67.52%.

As a percentage of my total SportSure bank, these 14 trades over the period 21st - 28th lost 2.74%.

There's still a ticket in asking for Tony's advice about my results and I've given him an example from a game on Tueday 29th October that shows what I believe is the reason why the "Method 1 update" doesn't change the loss percentages. Given the circumstances I understand that it may take a little longer than usual to get a reply.

As per the Trading Results update from Tim, Tony has been trading "less than he would've liked" due to the family issue I mentioned on a previous update (see update from 26/10/2013 above).

Update Tuesday 5th November 2013

I received two email announcements from SportSure admin on Friday 1st November.

The first was to let us know that the next webinar would be held on Saturday the 2nd. The second was to say that the "Advanced method" was now available.

Looks like they have decided to release the second SportSure method early and include it in month 1's subscription fee. That's good and goes some way to make up for the disappointment with method 1.

The second method requires a great deal more preparation work than the Early Goal method, as there is a need to perform some pre-game research. You need to look up some stats before the match and make a decision based on those stats about whether or not to trade.

I checked a load of matches on Sunday 3rd November but didn't find any qualifiers. Couldn't find any on Monday the 4th either.

As for method 1 results, the bank currently stands down 9.61% after a total of 50 trades. That's 43 winners and 7 losers.

There were up to 90 members on the webinar on Saturday. Pauline announced another change to the Early Goal method. This change will reduce the number of valid trades. It's basically an adjustment to the liquidity requirements - I don't want to say any more as method 1 is so simple it'd be easy to give it away by saying too much.

I've still to receive feedback from the ticket I put in last week but it does say that tickets are answered on work days only so hopefully I'll hear something this week (and also there is the issue with Tony's family member that is no doubt taking up a lot of his time).

The webinar replay from Saturday appeared in the members area yesterday and I've listened to it today. I was online on Saturday but couldn't give it my full attention so it's good that the replay is available.

There's still a problem with method 1 and it has been acknowledged by Tony. He said that he's going to have a good look at it and come back to it in the future.

The support ticket that I raised still sits without reply but Tony's comments on the webinar were:

[Text removed]

I'm glad it's not just me who is perplexed by the change of method as it seems there are others who have queried the changes to method 1 and Tony's reasoning in the videos (during the webinar he said [text removed] meaning more that just one person).

In less than 4 minutes on the webinar Tony has told us that the first change to method 1 (there have been two now) will mean lower liability but also lower profits.

So my question is - could the same not have been accomplished by simply advising SportSure members to just use smaller stakes on the original method?

Update Tuesday PM

Apologies but I have had to remove the small sections of transcript from Saturday's webinar due to another threat of legal action.

My SportSure membership has also been terminated and my refund is apparently on the way.

Update Thursday 7th November 2013

So that's my SportSure journey over due to a forced refund which hit my bank account this morning. Apparently transcribing a little of Saturday's webinar was "illegal".

So much for fair use.

I have received several emails over the past week, all from the same lady, which contained legal threats.

In my experience it seems that any kind of questioning or criticism or doubts are not welcome.

Answers to my question were not forthcoming either. The nearest I got was the short, unclear series of words spoken by Tony on the webinar on Saturday that made little sense.

I didn't get chance to use method 2 as I couldn't find any qualifying matches but my method 1 results were as follows:

50 trades - 43 winners, 7 losers and total loss of 9.61% of the starting bank.

My support ticket questioning large method 1 losses was never answered.

Good luck to everyone involved in SportSure, I sincerely hope it works out for you and you can make money on Betfair after following all 12 or 13 methods you are given.


If you'd like to get in touch about the SportSure trading system please email me here:


Page last updated: 7th November 2013
Page first published: 17th October 2013


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