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The "Cash On Demand" System by Andrew Reynolds

Update 2014: Andrew released a book in September 2013 which he has called "Copy This Idea". It is available on Amazon:

In early 2005, sales letters were sent to thousands of business opportunity seekers from Andrew Reynolds.

Each sales letter came with an opening letter explaining that Andrew had taken the unusual step of closing his very successful business - Manhattan Direct Limited.

*Update 2012: Sales letters are still being out for the Cash on Demand course. I received one this week from Streetwise Publications but Andrew Reynolds is no longer the focal point of the sales material, it is now Jane Somner. In fact, Andrew isn't mentioned in the letter at all by name - instead Jane repeatedly refers to a "Millionaire Mentor" - but there are several pictures that include Andrew in the letter*

*Update December 2014: Streetwise Publications are now sending out sales letters for the "Free Beach Lifestyle Laptop Trading Kit" which is obviously the Cash On Demand system renamed. Although Andrew Reynolds is not mentioned by name, anyone who has been around biz opps for more than 2 weeks will recognise it's him straight away; there's the bonus DVD called "How I Banked Over £50 Million" which was filmed at the O2 Arena, "The £500,000 Challenge" bonus DVD which likely refers to the challenge from 2005's Entrepreneur Bootcamp, the free "Brand New Sunday Times Bestseller" (lots of these for sale on eBay) and the infamous three words on page 15 "Copy These Ideas". Then there's the picture of Andrew in a hammock, with laptop, on the front page.*

For several years, Andrew Reynolds ran this company which specialised in selling information products, mailing lists and special "behind closed doors" seminars. The company was extremely profitable and can boast several successful students such as Tim Lowe and Nick James who have been able to succeed after being taught by Reynolds.

Reynolds explained in the sales literature that he had developed a system which was making him "over £1,000,000 a year...working just 1-2 hours a day". Also, he had released details of the system to four close friends, each of whom had had tremendous success with the system.

One tried the system once and made £621,510.95. The 2nd made just under £1million in 10 months, the 3rd made £1.13 million in 10 weeks and the 4th took over £300k working from a small shed in his back garden.

In the end, the course was offered to everyone as a free trial for the first month followed by a recurring monthly fee of £27 + £2.95 P&P. The length of the course was never mentioned although it was rumoured to be 12 lessons.

On receiving this unbelieveable offer, it was easy to be sceptical. After all, why would a successful businessman like Reynolds lay out his entire business on a platter for less than £30 a month? It is only a few months down the line that the real reasons are coming to light.

Around module 4, users were offered a "quick route" to the end of the course. This offer was for "The Million Pound Private Student Home Study Course" - a full training course with a great deal of material plus licences to several specialist DVDs which you can go out and sell as your own. The cost? £1,697 +VAT.

There were takers for this offer, which was evident by the sudden increase in advertisements in the Sunday Press.

However, the real bonus of being a subscriber on Andrew's course came in around September/October time when all subscribers were offered tickets to an "Entrepreneur's Boot Camp" in London. This was a 3-day training camp with around 10 well-known internet marketers from the States. People like Ted Nicolas, Stephen Pierce, Armand Morin and Derek Gehl were in attendence.

As you can imagine, any seminar which Andrew organises usually comes with a £3000+ price tag which usually puts a great deal of people off...

However, this time the whole 3-day event cost just £150 per ticket. And, according to some who weren't able to attend, they were told by the ticket agency that the 2,600 seater event was over-subscribed several times.

If you have ever seen a Carl Galletti internet marketing superconference event, the Boot Camp was apparently very similar to that. Each speaker had a short set (around 2 hours or less) during which they gave a presentation before having 10 minutes at the end to make a special offer to the audience.

In total, the event raised over £325,000 for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity. The entire entrance fee was donated to charity.

So, you may be wondering why Andrew Reynolds would organise an event which did not make him any money? Well, obviously, each speaker had something to sell and Andrew, as the organiser, was able to take a percentage of the sales.

For an example of the earning potential for a speaker at the event, Click Here

*Update 2012: Apologies, the link has been taken down. It was a blog entry from American marketer Stephen Pierce entitled "How I Made $1,079,595.00 in 2 Hours".*

The conclusion is that Andrew Reynolds was able to:

(a) put on a seminar which earned over £325k for charity
(b) give a very low cost boot camp, with several successful speakers, for subscribers of his Cash On Demand course and
(c) make a very healthy profit for himself.

Anyone else kicking themself that they didn't subscribe when the course was offered last year?

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Page last updated: 12th December 2014
Page first published: Late 2005


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