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Google Cash - The AdWords Money Making System by Chris Carpenter

Google Cash is a cheap eBook written by an American chap called Chris Carpenter.

What Chris has been able to do is find a simple system which allows him to earn money through advertising on Google and other Pay Per Click advertising websites (i.e. Overture - aka Yahoo Search Marketing).

The products he promotes vary widely and he doesn't really have to know about what he is promoting. Some of his most profitable promotions come from sites like eBay, Amazon and various mortgage companies.

The method is simple, he puts up little adverts on the web which, when clicked, lead the potential customer through his affiliate link to a website. If a customer then buys something or fills out a form, Chris gets a commission for introducing the customer.

Simple stuff and sounds obvious enough but the profits can be excellent. In his manual, Chris guides you through the methods which earn him excellent profits of $400+ (230) per day! And that's just from 1 campaign, after advertising costs.

There's no selling involved, the company you link to takes care of everything once you introduce the customer and pays you for the introduction. It is an excellent "work from home" opportunity.

The following are the results of my campaigns in 2005/2006, month by month. It's not a fortune but I don't have to do anything except set up the campaigns and leave them to run!

Month Advertising Cost Commission Gained Total Profit for Month
May 05 2.83 12.83 10.00
June 05 15.00 151.18 136.18
July 05 17.16 165.25 148.09
August 05 29.08 243.76 214.68
September 05 39.09 370.63 331.54
October 05 38.45 444.79 406.34
November 05 40.70 234.57 193.87
December 05 38.77 257.30 218.53
January 06 78.14 566.82 488.68
February 06 213.71 543.95 330.24
March 06 130.06 435.55 305.49
April 06 156.02 653.27 497.25
May 06 125.72 626.30 500.58
June 06 76.94 562.97 486.03
July 06 186.17 730.57 544.40
August 06 196.69 817.22 620.53
September 06 170.92 644.85 473.93
October 06 131.43 695.34 563.91

I highly recommend the Google Cash system. For an outlay of less than 40 I have been able to set up a profitable second income, a new income stream.

The only "hard work" (if you can call it that!) comes from setting up the adverts. Once this is done, I simply leave it to run and run, collecting commission into my account 24 hours a day!

Chris offers an 8 week guarantee so you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Click on the link below to learn about the Google Cash system and the profit potential it can offer you.

Thanks for reading,

Ben Catt

Update: This opportunity is no longer available but the page remains online for archive purposes

* Update 5th April 2012 *

I've just discovered the Chris no longer sells Google Cash, the sales page now redirects to his blog. Perhaps this doesn't work as well as it used to. Perhaps he has moved on to other things.

In any case, it used to be a great opportunity (as you can see from the results above). I guess the moral of the story is; when you find something that works, drive it forward and make as much as you can. Don't be afraid to dump it if it should stop working.


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