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Tim Lowe's DVD Business Training Days

Tim Lowe recently ran a training day course to show attendees the ins and outs of his remarkably successful DVD business.

Sales letters went sent out with recommendations from a number of sources such as Vince Stanzione, Andrew Reynolds and Streetwise Publications (John Harrison).

In the sales letter, Tim promised to show a very small group of people, behind closed doors, how to copy his business selling DVD and video sets to niche markets. This would involve a full day of training in the London Airport area.

In addition to the training, all attendees were given resale licences to 5 DVD box sets (57 DVDs in total, below), specialist automated tracker software (for keeping records of customers and sales) and 12 months personal telephone and email support from Tim himself.

The idea of the training was to give participants a ready-to-roll business which they could take away and develop as their own, copying Tim's unique system.

The licences which came as part of the package were for the following products (confidentiality clauses prohibit me from revealing the actual products):

DVD Box Set Licence No 1:
5 Brand New DVD 'How To' Titles - development valuation of £30,000
(Update August 2015 - no need for a "spoiler alert" anymore as it's a decade on but these included the Bill Myers "Product Development" DVDs: 'eBay for Fun and Profit', 'Building and Managing Subscription Websites', 'Tools of Product Development', 'Product Development' and 'Product Development for the Internet'.)

DVD Box Set Licence No 2:
14 New DVDs of a complete Home Study Course - development valuation of £25,000
(probably DVDs of 'The Internet Marketing Superconference', an internet marking seminar held in Las Vegas 2003 or 2004.)

DVD Box Set Licence No 3:
12 DVD Home Study Course - development valuation of £27,000
("The Big Seminar" - 15 DVDs of a 3 day US seminar on internet marketing.)

DVD Box Set Licence No 4:
12 DVDs filmed from a very, very exclusive £3,000 seminar - development valuation of £50,000
(possibly "The System" seminar from Ken McCarthy that was held in the UK in 2003 or 2004)

DVD Box Set Licence No 5:
14 DVDs of a Complete Study Course which practically every business, fledgling one man band to multinational corporation, definitely needs - development valuation of £30,000
(Carl Galletti's Copywriting Protege Program - a seminar from the early 2000s)

In total, the DVDs offered a development valuation of £162,000. This is the total cost Tim estimated that it would cost to produce the DVD sets yourself. The recommended retail price of the DVDs in total is over £3,000, meaning that if you sold just one of each DVD you would expect to receive more than £3,000.

Update: This opportunity is no longer available but the page remains online for archive purposes

In 2005, this site was granted access to the confidential feedback taken from attendees on the day of the seminar.

Part of the agreement of taking possession of the comments meant that names could not be mentioned but the signed and dated feedback forms were received and verified as authentic.

Below is a selection of some of the comments (feedback is provided exactly as written on the signed forms. Nothing has been omitted except where confidentiality may be compromised):

*Update 27/08/2015*:

The comments that were previously displayed here were from attendee feedback forms collected at the end of seminars held in or around 2004 and 2005. They have now been removed as they are no longer relevant. This opportunity has not been available for many years.

The products provided as licences in this opp can still be found for sale on eBay, which is exactly what wasn't supposed to happen because the licence holders were only supposed to sell them via direct mail and/or newspaper adverts. Not that this is new. I picked up a set of all the DVDs for 200 and that was back at the end of 2005. I found the seller through his listings on eBay.

I'm not sure how helpful it is reading testimonials given at the end of a seminar. I've been at events where everyone has left with bags of enthusiasm, completely motivated to succeed by what they've been told over the previous day or three. Obviously anything they write at that point will be highly complimentary but lacking in any evidence of how well the system performs simply because they haven't had time to do anything.

Better and more accurate testimonials would have been received had the attendees been asked to provide them 6 months after the seminar ended.

Of course, this is fine for me to say 10 years on but I now realise I should've removed these comments long ago and so I apologise for the delay.


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