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Review of the Automated Winners betting system - including test results

I must be a foolish optimist but when Matt Fyles sent me an email about Automated Winners, I decided to take a punt on it.

My previous dealing with Mr Fyles didn't go too well. His 30 Minute Unitrader system lost me money consistently and I sent it back for a refund.

According to Mattís very enthusiastic email sent on 23rd July 2012, this system was so good that he wanted the reader to imagine a new future of easy wealth:

"Imagine going to bed tonight knowing that tomorrow was your last day at work..."

"This system automatically emails you and tells you exactly what to bet on and when."

"You can start from total scratch today not knowing a single thing about betting online and be making more money than your day job all within 48 hours..."

"Once you have access to the Automated Wins and the selections, nothing is going to keep you from the rewards you deserve... For the very first time you are only seconds away from the real thing... Don't delay your true potential any further"

"In fact right this very minute you could have already been up by £575 today..."

What could be easier than logging in to a website each day and placing bets as instructed?

After being directed to the sales page via Matt Fylesí affiliate link, the Automated Winners site makes a very inviting claim:

ďHow to turn £5 into £75.22, £215.37 and even £975.47 EVERY single dayĒ

Of course Iím not as daft as you may think despite believing for a second that this might actually work.

The sales page directs you to a Clickbank order page and Iím well aware that Clickbank will give a refund without argument. So I ordered the Automated Winners system and set aside some money to give it a good test.

You are directed to split your bank into 50 points and whenever there is a bet it will state the number of points to risk.


The experiment started on Tuesday 24th July 2012.

Here are the results for July:

Date Bet Type Total Points W/L Result
24/07/2012 Each Way 1 Win 0.44
24/07/2012 Each Way 1 Win 2.70
25/07/2012 Each Way 1 Lose (1.00)
25/07/2012 Each Way 1 Lose (1.00)
25/07/2012 Win 1 Lose (1.00)
25/07/2012 Dutch 0.5 Lose (0.50)
25/07/2012 Dutch 0.5 Lose (0.50)
26/07/2012 Dutch 0.5 Win 1.50
26/07/2012 Dutch 0.5 Lose (0.50)
27/07/2012 Win 1 Lose (1.00)
27/07/2012 Win 1 Win 1.00
27/07/2012 Dutch 0.5 Lose (0.50)
27/07/2012 Dutch 0.5 Lose (0.50)
27/07/2012 Each Way 1 Win 0.18
29/07/2012 Dutch 0.5 Lose (0.50)
29/07/2012 Dutch 0.5 Win 1.50
      Total 0.32

As the results show, that's a 0.32 points profit over the first 5 days. Pretty far from the results promised but at least we haven't lost any money.

In August the selections changed so that there would now be 4 straight win tips per day and the idea was to stake 1 point on the first, 2 points on the second, 3 on the third and 5 on the fourth. The first of these selections came on the 18th August.

Here are the results in August up to and including 17th August 2012:

Date Bet Type Total Points W/L Result
01/08/2012 Win 1 Loss (1.00)
01/08/2012 Dutch 0.5 Loss (0.50)
01/08/2012 Dutch 0.5 Win 3.00
02/08/2012 Win 1 Loss (1.00)
02/08/2012 Each Way 1 Loss (1.00)
02/08/2012 Dutch 0.5 Loss (0.50)
02/08/2012 Dutch 0.5 Win 3.25
04/08/2012 Win 1 Loss (1.00)
04/08/2012 Win 1 Loss (1.00)
06/08/2012 Win 1 Loss (1.00)
07/08/2012 Each Way 1 Loss (1.00)
07/08/2012 Each Way 1 Loss (1.00)
11/08/2012 Each Way 1 Win 1.50
11/08/2012 Each Way 1 Loss (1.00)
17/08/2012 Win 1 Win 3.76
17/08/2012 Each Way 1 Loss (1.00)
17/08/2012 Each Way 1 Loss (1.00)
      Total (0.49)

Finally, here are the results from 18th August 2012 onwards. This is where the tips started to include the Martingale betting strategy (i.e. doubling up after each loser):

Date Bet Type Total Points W/L Result
18/08/2012 Win 1 Loss (1.00)
18/08/2012 Win 2 Win 3.50
19/08/2012 Win 1 Loss (1.00)
19/08/2012 Win 2 Win 1.32
20/08/2012 Win 1 Loss (1.00)
20/08/2012 Win 2 Loss (2.00)
20/08/2012 Win 3 Loss (3.00)
20/08/2012 Dutch 2.5 Loss (2.50)
20/08/2012 Dutch 2.5 Loss (2.50)
21/08/2012 Win 1 Win 1.10
21/08/2012 Win 1 Loss (1.00)
21/08/2012 Win 2 Loss (2.00)
21/08/2012 Win 3 Loss (3.00)
21/08/2012 Win 5 Loss (5.00)
22/08/2012 Win 1 Win 1.88
24/08/2012 Win 1 Loss (1.00)
24/08/2012 Win 2 Loss (2.00)
24/08/2012 Win 3 Loss (3.00)
27/08/2012 Win 1 Loss (1.00)
27/08/2012 Win 2 Loss (2.00)
27/08/2012 Win 3 Win 6.00
27/08/2012 Win 2 Loss (2.00)
27/08/2012 Place 1 Win 0.73
27/08/2012 Each Way 1 Loss (1.00)
27/08/2012 Win 1 Loss (1.00)
      Total (22.47)

Aside from the terrible results (it's down 22.64 points out of a bank of 50 over the short period I've been testing), the whole Automated Winners operation is sloppy.

There are a number of problems within the members area (and no, selections aren't emailed out despite Matt Fyles' claims in his promotional email):

(1) Selections given too late:

Here's a great example of the mistakes that are made by whoever runs the site. This screenshot shows the selections given on Friday 17th August 2012:

After several minutes looking for the two Leopardstown meetings I discovered that the races had already been run on the day before.

Angel Way came 3rd out of 14 runners and Captain Cullen managed 5th out of 10 runners.

So even if we had been given these selections on the correct day, it would've been another losing day (minus one point for Captain Cullen, plus 0.75 points for Angel Way).

(2) Several days in a row with no selections:

Example on Tuesday August 28th: "Next Selections Update Tuesday August 29th" (perhaps someone can explain how both the 28th and 29th can be Tuesdays).

The next entry after this was on Thursday 30th August: "We apologise, but the next selections update is going to be this Sunday September 2nd".

As it turned out, no update was given on the Sunday, there were no selections from 28th August to the 2nd September 2012.

(3) Results only filled in if they were positive:

The "Results Matrix" was filled in following the selections on the 17th and 18th August but not updated again.

This was possibly something to do with the fact that the selections on the 20th and 21st lost 11 points each!


The only positive to come from this whole ordeal is that I lost faith with the system and stopped risking real money on the 7th August 2012.

My net loss was 1.05 points

I consider myself very lucky.

Automated Winners completely failed for me and I will now see how quickly Clickbank refund my money.

Recommendation: AVOID


*Update Tuesday 4th September 2012*

Yesterday's and today's results saw further huge dents in the betting bank:

Date Bet Type Total Points W/L Result
03/09/2012 Win 1 Win 0.50
04/09/2012 Win 1 Loss (1.00)
04/09/2012 Win 2 Loss (2.00)
04/09/2012 Win 3 Loss (3.00)
04/09/2012 Win 5 Loss (5.00)

This leaves the starting bank of 50 points down to just 16.86 points.

Clickbank informed me a couple of hours ago that my refund has been processed so I expect my access to the selections will be removed at some point soon.

This isn't a problem, the whole experiment has been a complete horror show.


Page last updated: 4th September 2012
Page first published: 3rd September 2012


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