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Tim Lowe and Markiteer Limited

Tim Lowe is best known for his alliance with Andrew Reynolds of Manhattan Direct Limited and his DVD selling business.

After attending one of Andrew's seminars, Tim did what most people never do, he actually used the information given to him!

Since then, Tim has built his business up so that he can now bank between £19,000 and £57,000 per month simply by taking 10 minutes on a Friday morning and a few seconds on a Sunday. After this, he receives cheques and cash through his letterbox....

So, what is this utopian business opportunity?


"It's NOT affiliate programs … NOT internet marketing … NOT email marketing … NOT online auctions … NOT a silly get rich scheme … NOT MLM … NOT gambling … NOT investments … NOT the stock market..." etc

Tim describes how he places newspaper advertisements in the classified sections of Sunday papers directing people to a web-site where they can read more about his product. From here they buy from him, he ships out the product then spends the rest of the week counting his cash.

You too can do this, copy his business idea, by buying the course for £69.95.

The course itself consists of 2 DVDs showing Tim speaking at a seminar, two consultations, one with Tim and another with a "wealthy individual" (more in a moment), a "Product Finders Resource Kit" and a program on a CD known as the "Instant Web Site Maker".

This business opportunity involves purchasing reprint rights to popular information products and then selling them through a combination of classified ads and web sites.

In fact, the opportunity reflects exactly what Tim does to introduce you to his course.

About 4 years ago, Tim attended one of Andrew Reynold's seminars and decided to use the information provided to start his own venture. Teaming up with a previous business associate, Dr Henry Grech-Cini, he formed Markiteer Limited.

According to Mr Lowe "I was lucky enough to become one of Andrew’s Private students early in 2001 and since then, with Andrew's help all along the way, I have gone on to bank well over £2Million Pounds and to be honest I see this as just the start!".

It is more than likely that you will first come across Tim Lowe through an advertisement in the national press. Rather than use the usual formula of sending sales letters to mailing lists, Tim instead places small ads in newspapers directing readers to a website. Once on the website, potential customers can either read the sales letter on the site or request a printed version to be delivered to their door.

This marketing method has been used by Vince Stanzione for years with tremendous success.

Usually the product on offer is a Bill Myers video set about information publishing or "product development". Tim Lowe buys the rights to these products, has a number of sets made up and then sells them off at around £50-£70. All products come with a 30 day risk-free money back guarantee.

More recently, Tim has started to promote his very own product, "How To Make £15,000-£25,000 PER MONTH Within The Next 6 Months From Cheap Little Web-Address Ads".

Packaged with the DVDs are the following bonuses:

  • Personal consultation with Andrew Reynolds (an email consultation worth £1,000)
  • Personal consultation with Tim Lowe (a telephone consultation worth £500)
  • Access to a web-based "Automatic Website Generator" program which creates sales letters and links to credit-card facilities
  • Short pamphlet, "The Instant Product Finder - My Private Product Finder's Resource Guide."


The DVDs contain footage of Tim Lowe and Dr Henry Grech-Cini at a seminar held by Andrew Reynolds, the man behind Manhattan Direct. The copyright on the tapes is 2003 although this should not be used as a guide to when they were made.

Tim Lowe works very closely with Andrew and tends to offer products that Andrew has previously sold through his own company.

The business opportunity he sells mirrors the techniques he uses. The whole idea is that you acquire resale rights to specific products, write a sales letter, create a website and then advertise using small ads in the national press.

Once you have acquired the product, set up the website and printed the sales letters, you then can take advantage of the consultations during which Andrew and Tim will assess the likelyhood of success. Obviously, this type of consultation doesn't usually come so cheap and you should ensure that you use it wisely!

The website generator is very thorough although you do have to make sure you have already set up your credit card payment facilities and the method used suggests that you do not have any choice of which credit card merchant you can use.

The "Instant Product Finder" is a short guide suggesting websites where you may be able to find products which have resale rights for sale.


If you are looking to start a home-based business and have a reasonable amount of capital, Tim's course is a good introduction to newspaper advertising and the profits it can offer.

The guarantee given with the products is cast iron and Tim will politely refund your money in full if you are not satisfied, provided you return the products within 30 days.

There is no doubt that this business opportunity works or else the likes of Vince Stanzione, Andrew Reynolds and Tim Lowe would have gone out of business years ago. However, as per usual, it takes hard work and some capital to be a success. If you are just going to "sit" on the information you will not be successful.


* UPDATE 2012 *

Markiteer Ltd doesn't appear to be Tim's main business anymore. He now appears to run Waverley Media Ltd. Also, rather than selling his web-ads products he appears to have moved on to selling gambling-related products such as the 30 Minute Unitrader product from Matt Fyles. Review - Matt Fyles and the 30 Minute UniTrader System

* UPDATE 2013 *

Tim has released a new product called the "SportSure Trading Programme". Review - Review of the SportSure Trading Programme from Tim Lowe, Pauline Wheeler-Reid and Tony Langley

* UPDATE 2014 *

Please see the "For Sale" page if you are interested in Matt Fyles's Ternary Trading System or his V System home study course - Business Opportunity Manuals, DVDs and Videos For Sale


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