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Review of the "One Month Magnate" eBook by Tony Shepherd

If you are new to internet marketing and need a "leg-up" then Tony Shepherd's "One Month Magnate" eBook is aimed squarely at your needs.

Although Tony is an experienced internet marketer and successful information publisher he decided to conduct an experiment.

The rules were as follows:

He would start with no customers, no email list, no website and no contacts with the aim of creating a sustainable monthly income within 30 days.

In other words, he decided to put himself in the shoes of an internet marketing "newbie" and see just how successful he could be starting, literally, from scratch.

And that's exactly what he did...

The "One Month Magnate" is the result of Tony's experiment and describes the exact methods he went through to start a new online income stream with no existing tools.

OK, so what do you get?

The entire eBook is provided as a PDF file which can be viewed on any PC which has Adobe Acrobat installed. After payment has been received, you are directed to a webpage where you can download the manual instantly.

Although relatively short at just 30 or so pages, Tony has laid the book out to describe exactly what he did over 30 days to create a new information product and get it into the "marketplace" and earning an income.

It is presented to the reader in a "do this, then do that" type of way - a day by day checklist to follow so you can copy Tony's thought process throughout.

Using screenshots, the manual shows you exactly where to look to find the resources you need (all free by the way) to research and create your product.

Tony then covers how you should go about finding customers and how to get other people to sell your product for you to their customers.

Do I need any experience or special skills?

The whole manual and process has been devised so that you don't have to know anything about internet marketing. As long as you can surf the web and use email, you should be able to follow each step without a problem.

The main requirement for success with the "One Month Magnate" is that you can put in some work to research and create your own product.

Tony Shepherd is a no-nonsense kind of guy. He doesn't take prisoners or suffer fools, he makes it clear - you will have to do some work.

This isn't one of those ridiculous "sit on your behind making money automatically" schemes. By following the "One Month Magnate", you are building a business from nothing and your initial hard work will pay off over and over again.

Is this going to need much start-up capital?

Here's the great thing about this course; the main expense is buying the "One Month Magnate" manual at a rather paltry $27.

Everything Tony suggests you do throughout the course of the eBook is very cheap or free.

It's unlikely you would need more than £50 to get this up and running. However, as you will find out on reading the eBook, you can get up and running without spending a penny...

Does it work?

Tony Shepherd devised the "One Month Magnate" method for complete beginners to internet marketing and so he carried out the steps as a complete beginner.

After 30 days he was able to make over £3,000 ($5,500+ as of Nov 2006 exchange rates) from nothing.

Follow the steps in this manual and you will create a viable product and a new income stream.

Buy the book and let it sit on your hard drive and you will get nowhere!


A great, easy to understand, beginner/intemediate level course for aspiring internet marketers.

The only problem with this manual is the fact that the sales process has been overlooked - Tony doesn't go into the process of writing a sales page which would've helped.

However, at just $27, the "One Month Magnate" by Tony Shepherd is well recommended simply because it is a very good method of creating a new online income stream and is written in a no-nonsense, refreshingly simple way.

Update: This opportunity is no longer available but the page remains online for archive purposes

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