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The "What Really Makes Money" newsletter from Nick Laight and Canonbury Publishing Ltd

In 2003, Nick Laight formed Canonbury Publishing Ltd from his home in London. Back then it was a part-time business that he and his wife ran outside of work.

Over just 3 years he had built up his business to the point where it was turning over more than £1 million per year.

As he says on his site:

"The aim was to create a publishing company designed solely to help ordinary people get rich through good business opportunities"

A veteran business opporunity expert and copywriter, Nick's main product is a monthly newsletter called "What Really Makes Money" which is marketed as an "independent review of business opportunities and money making enterprises"

With over 15 years in the business opportunity field, Nick is well-qualified to give advice of various schemes and systems.

He previously worked for Fleet Street Publications and was also Chairman of the Guild of Wealth - an "international network of more than 124,000 entrepreneurs, opportunity seekers and business owners" - between 1998 and 2000.

As well as the "What Really Makes Money" (WRMM) newsletter, Canonbury Publishing also offers reports, home study courses and books for people who want to make money from their own home businesses.

One of the latest is a joint collaberation between a WRMM subscriber and Nick himself called "Sold Dispatch Now".

Basically, Sharon Fussell (the subscriber) took one of Nick Laight's business blueprint ideas and ran with it. She has now setup a £15k per year part time business from home selling books on Amazon.

In addition to the business blueprints, WRMM covers plenty of topics including product reviews, updates and scam warnings.

Recent product reviews have included:

Streetwise Publications' "The Noble Profession"
The DVD Workshop by Bill Myers
Tim Lowe's £15,000 to £25,000 per month business opportunity
Virtual World Direct
John Lisgo's Product Finder's Business Kit and
Emerald Passport (recently promoted heavily by David Ryan)

Each issue is a printed, 12-16 page A4 booklet delivered to your door. Newsletters are filled with articles written by Nick himself with help from his team of dedicated researchers.

As a professional copywriter, Nick's writing style is friendly and easy to follow. He injects humour into his articles and never fails gets his point across.

If an opportunity is poor, Nick will say so and explain why it isn't a workable plan.

After all, as an independent reviewer Nick Laight can afford to tell some home truths about the opportunities he reviews. He doesn't have to put a glossy shine on dodgy biz opps.

When you become a subscriber to the What Really Makes Money newsletter, you receive the first issue and also a special bonus gift. To welcome you as a member you get a large manual containing the best business blueprints that Nick has discovered whilst running the newsletter over the past 6 years.

These are workable plans which you can use to create an income from home. They are designed especially for people to run from home without specialist knowledge or equipment and, most importantly, without huge expenditure at the outset.

Your subscription to the WRMM newsletter is risk-free. Nick protects you with a 100% money-back guarantee if you aren't completely happy.

Update May 2013: This review was written several years ago and may not be relevant anymore.

Other Canonbury Publishing products:

The Internet Income Detective Newsletter by Jonathan Street


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