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The PDX-Factor System by Craig "Mr X" Richards - Review

Mr X's PDX-Factor system was released around October 2006 with a pretty large amount of online publicity.

This was helped by the editor of the "Rip-Off Britain" website, Paul Meyer, who interviewed the system creator and posted the video of the interview on his site.

The PDX-Factor system is now advertised on that particular site as "A recommended 'Tried & Tested' business opportunity".

The idea that there was an ex-London bus driver making £50k+ from home yet calling himself "Mr X" seemed to work as the PDX-Factor website received a load of traffic around the time of release.

Nowadays the sales letter still carries the headline "Mr X Reveals His Top Secret PDX-Factor System" but the mystery of who Mr X is is solved a couple of lines down the page. Here a picture and signature of the creator, Craig Richards, is shown.

The Product

The PDX-Factor system is not cheap at $97. If you are from the UK you have to add VAT onto this so the total price is $113.98 which works out at around £60.

What you get is a PDF file which is a manual of around 46 pages.

The first 2 pages are taken up with a "cover" and the contents page. The last 7 or 8 pages contain a number of links as well as several attempts to upsell various services and software.

The actual meat of the book takes up around 35 pages.

As you can probably imagine, this whole business opportunity centres on creating unique information products from Public Domain material - hence the "PD" in PDX-Factor.

The Good Points

  • The manual is simple to follow
  • You don't need any complicated equipment, just a PC with a CD-Rewriter and a printer
  • Everything you need, content wise, can be found on the internet

Unfortunately, that's about it for good points...

The Bad Points

  • Although simple to follow, the instructions are often very inadequate

I assume that Craig Richards is aiming to sell this product to people who are new-ish to the internet. In this case it would be a very good idea to make his process of public domain product creation simple yet very descriptive.

It's simple, but the description of how to accomplish certain tasks is not good enough.

It's highly unlikely that someone new to information publishing could start at the beginning of the document, follow each particular step and then end up with a saleable product at the end of the book.

  • No examples of Public Domain products he has made and sold

Call me cynical but in the PDX-Factor eBook there isn't a single example of any product which Craig has successfully made and sold.

At one point he suggests advertising in the press to attract customers and then shows 2 adverts.

However, these adverts are offering the PDX-Factor book for sale and not a public domain derivative.

It leads me to ask:

Does Craig Richards actually make money by creating and selling products, or do all those payments for £269 on the sales page actually represent his sales of the PDX-Factor?

In other words, does he actually do what he says or does he just make money selling the opportunity?

  • Too much space devoted to upsells

OK, fine... I admit that everyone should upsell to their customers when they have sold a product. In this case though I think there are too many upsells which take up more pages than is necessary in the manual.

This manual is very expensive for what it is - very expensive. So, it is rather annoying to be harassed with upsells that are, in effect, products that this manual was supposed to show you how to make.

  • The old enemy - "free websites"

Craig tries to get all visitors to sign up for a "free website" when they arrive at The problem is that these websites are cookie-cutter "opportunity review" sites.

You'll have seen them around the web, everyone who has one basically says that they have been scammed x amount of times and then they finally found some good "work at home programs".

You are then presented with 2 or 3 "top picks" to buy - all of which are the products which pay the most commission on sales. Very dubious business practise that Mark Warren and the Rich Jerk have utilised to make more money out of internet marketing newcomers.

Each website that Craig "gives away" is not actually free. If you sign up for one you will quickly find that you have to pay over the odds for hosting and domain registration.


Unfortunately, despite the excellent sales letter, the PDX-Factor system manual is very disappointing.

It is true that you can make products from Public Domain material and it is true that if you get the right one you can make a lot of money.

However, this manual is too sparse on detail to enable you to follow the instructions and profit. The fact that Craig tries to suck people into the "free website" scheme and also push numerous upsells makes this whole opportunity an even bigger turn-off.


Avoid this one, it's too expensive and simply doesn't deliver on the promises made in the sales letter.

Update: This opportunity is no longer available but the page remains online for archive purposes


© Copyright 2005 - 2017 Ben Catt.