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Terry Wilson, How to Make £1,000 Per Day Before Breakfast and StreetWise Publications

Very recently sales letters were sent out from Streetwise Publications offering Terry Wilson's new manual called "How To Make £1,000 Per Day Before Breakfast" for just £39.95.

The sales letter, as is usual for Streetwise, was excellent and very persuasive.

After phoning the order hotline, Terry's manual arrived through the mail quickly and hit the floor with quite a thud.

The manual was an impressive 96 pages long made up of A4 paper, printed on just one-side.

[What is it with one-sided printing? Everyone seems to be doing at the moment, is it cheaper or is it to make manuals look a lot bigger?]

The sales letter made quite a mystery of what this particular business opportunity involved, and for quite a few pages the manual didn't really explain much. It wasn't until around the 12th page that Terry finally gave away the secret to his apparent wealth. As it happens, he has become an information publisher and is making a lot of money.

The manual is well-written and makes a lot of sense. In parts some of the text seems stangely familiar.

For example on page 21 there is a section with the heading "Rich or poor, now you have the choice".

This particular article, or one very much like it, was featured in a Stuart Goldsmith book and also in the latest issue of Fleet Street's "Money Club" newsletter (issue five) of which Stuart is a columnist.

So, does that mean that Stuart Goldsmith has written this manual?

It's unlikely. That one particular passage was quoted and so was probably taken with permission. A better guess would be that "How to Make £1,000 Per Day Before Breakfast" is the work of Streetwise Publications owner John Harrison and other contributors.

Terry Wilson describes himself as someone who went from being a "broken machinist and broom pusher" to someone who is now living the life of his dreams.

He is obviously extremely proud of this manual as he says early on "what you're holding in your hand is the key to your future success prosperity and happiness".

Terry's story sounds very familiar to those which we have heard before when reading business opportunity manuals. He was in a lot of debt, around £20,000, and was sinking further and further each month. His job was reasonably well-paid but too much of his pay packet was going out on pay-day to cover bills.

One day his manager at the factory where he worked made a joke too far and he quit. As a bizarre coincidence the next day he found a book at a jumble sale which led to him running a home information publishing business.

What follows is a detailed manual explaining how to go about using Internet Marketing, Direct Mail and Mail Order techniques to advertise information products and create a great deal of money.

As Terry says in one part "you don't have to be a writer or creative type". What he suggest you do instead is get others to do all the work for you. Terry shares a whole load of tips about how to get products created very cheaply which can sell for a great deal of money.

He goes through exactly how to create manuals, CDs, DVDs and other information products from your own home. He suggests some equipment you should use (which costs very little) and then goes through how to find your customers and how to create an excellent information product to sell to their wants.

All the usual sales talk is in here, for example the "Unique Selling Proposition". The reason he, like many other people, mentions this is simply because it works.

Next up come more examples of how people have made a fortune selling to a very particular niche. He also goes through using outsourcers to create your product for you, so you don't have to do anything.

[A lot of people seem to be scared to outsource but, believe me, it is very easy and cheap]

Terry also covers the multiple streams of income idea, and let's face it, everyone successful entrepreneur tells us this is the way to wealth and it should start to sink in after a while.

One very interesting section covers what not to do when you're selling a product including tips and info on web site design and e-mail spam. Spam, by the way, isn't quite as effective as everyone thinks. Terry Wilson explains why...

Further into the manual there are plenty more ideas for how to get sales such as using Joint Venture arrangements, advertising in the national press, using mail order tactics and, of course, direct mail.

Basically, Terry Wilson's "How to Make £1,000 Per Day Before Breakfast" is a quick start guide on how to get other people to do your work so that you can work less and profit more.

The vast majority of the manual isn't "brand new" or revolutionary but it is written in an easy-to-understand style and nicely presented.

Some content seems vaguely familiar and may have been "lifted" from other Streetwise Products such as John Harrison's ""How to Stop Working and Make a Million Pounds Instead" or, then again, it could just be the writing style...

So, who is this manual aimed at?

It seems quite likely that Terry Wilson is a made up name, much like Vicky Smith - she of the "Golden Backdoor" but whoever has written this manual is trying to get one simple message across:

That message is - you can do something other than working for an employer, and it really isn't as hard as you might think.

The vast majority of work in creating an information product can be done by someone else with very little expense. This is the message that Terry drums into you throughout the text.

Is this manual recommended reading?

There is nothing particularly technical and the vast majority of business opportunity seekers could learn a great deal from "Terry Wilson".

The only problem with this manual is that certain promises made in the sales letter were not strictly true.

For example, in the sales letter Terry says "this system looked like it would suit me fine because I wouldn't have to do any selling".

The problem is that this whole business opportunity revolves around selling information products to people in a particular niche so by saying it does not involve any selling is really a little white lie.

On first reading the sales letter you could be mistaken for thinking it was some kind of middleman opportunity simply because Terry had said you do not have to sell.

Terry also said that you would not need any capital or special equipment, and this is pretty much true. You could run this business without any capital or without any "special" equipment but with a few hundred pounds behind you, it would make it a whole a lot easier.

Streetwise Publications charge just £40 for this manual and also give a generous 90 day guarantee period to allow you plenty of time to review it. At any point until the 90 days are up you can return the manual for a full refund.

However, you'd be better off making use of this manual and keeping hold of it for reference purposes.

It it is written by John Harrison then it should be read several times - he's a good example of how successful you could be in the information publishing business.

On the other hand, if you are going to do nothing - just read it and then never act on any of the information contained within the 96 pages, you're not going to get anywhere.

Recommended and available to existing Streetwise Publication customers

* UPDATE 2014 *

Please see the "For Sale" page if you are interested in this manual - Business Opportunity Manuals, DVDs and Videos For Sale

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