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Review of the Worn Paper System eBook

The Worn Paper system eBook is billed as the "average person's guide to making real money on the internet".

For just $27 you receive a PDF file which you download instantly from the website.

So, why is it called the Worn Paper system?

Well, the whole manual is concerned with making money on the internet and the methods shown all relate to one A4 piece of paper.

The author (who isn't mentioned by name) has a very worn-out piece of paper stuck to the wall by his desk. This sheet is a blueprint for profit, something he turns to time after time when setting up a new online income stream.

He says that he values this piece of paper at tens of thousands of dollars because that is how much it has made him.

The flowchart on the sheet allows him to work for himself, at home without having to rely on a life working 9-5.

OK, so what does the system involve?

Once again, like many online business opportunities, this is about promoting information products.

They can be your own products, resale rights products or affiliate products.

The manual goes through how to find something to sell, then how to use free promotional tools such as blogs and then how to get traffic. This is done without having to use PPC programs i.e. without having to pay to advertise.

The author of the Worn Paper system eBook shows various examples of people who have successfully used the same processes that he has (and perhaps gives a little 'nod' as to his or her real identity!).

What kind of costs are involved?

Right at the beginning of the manual you are told that this system will require some investment - although this is very minimal.

Around $100 should be enough to get it up and running. Just enough to buy a domain name and some hosting.

Apart from that there are no real costs involved in following the Worn Paper system. Most important is an investment of your time

What kind of skills are required?

As with any kind of business, you do need to have some "get-up-and-go" about you or nothing will happen.

The manual walks you through anything required to get going. Lots of different avenues are covered - eBay, joint ventures, blogs, mailing lists, software, resale rights and much more.


The Worn Paper system is a very readable eBook, full of excellent advice and not padded out with "filler". It's perfect for any beginner or intermediate level internet marketers who want a simple but professional plan to follow.

Take my advice and copy the author:

Print out the last page (the flowchart), write "Worn Paper System" at the top and stick it on the wall next to your desk.

Follow it with each project you undertake and you will find that you start to see real results, quickly.

Update: This opportunity is no longer available but the page remains online for archive purposes


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