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Avril Harper, Public Domain Profits and Meander Press

Avril Harper works out of the North East of England creating information products and helping people to start their own home businesses.

She's an expert in using Public Domain material to create new products for profit.

Some of Avril's products include the PowerSeller Profit Report, the eBay Confidential newsletter and "Mags to Riches".

The Ultimate Public Domain Profit Plan by Avril Harper is published by Canonbury Publishing. It's a physical product, delivered to your door as a printed A4 manual and a CD rather than a downloaded eBook.

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How You Can Use Public Domain Information for Profit

Information which is in the public domain is material to which no one can claim ownership.

But, how could that possibly help you?

Creating a saleable info product is just one step in the information marketing process.

You can benefit financially from public domain information as it provides you with a seemingly endless supply of ready-made products.

The main problem is that there are several requirements that must be met before a creative work can be republished in your own name. If you neglect to jump through these hoops you can find yourself on the short end of a large lawsuit.

The first issue is to determine if the product is indeed in the public domain.

In the US, if a book was written before 1923 then it automatically falls into public domain. Also, if the copyright was not renewed by the creator or owner then after a certain number of years the book would fall into public domain.

However, in other countries there are different laws. You must ensure that any work you use is in the public domain before trying to sell it. Avril Harper's Ultimate Public Domain Profit Plan walks you through the process of finding public domain material and how to ensure that you are free to use it.

Once you have determined that you are indeed free to use some public domain work then you can go about creating a digital or printed product to sell. All profits on this product are 100% yours.

The financial benefits of using public domain information can be quite substantial. If you search for Matt Furey or Ted Ciuba then you’ll find those two particular marketers took books from the public domain and built very profitable empires around them.

Matt Furey found a book about wrestling moves which had become public domain material.

He then simply added some of his own information, republished it and the rest is history - his "new" profitable product sells over and over again and is 100% his own product.

Ted Ciuba took the very famous book ‘Think And Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill and reworked a piece of it. He then republished it and copyrighted it under his name.

Ted has built an entire business around the principles which he gleaned from that book.

In the UK, Avril Harper constantly uses public domain information and books to create her own unique products to sell via her websites and also on eBay.

Avril's example shows that public domain books are not the only possible items to use to make a very good profit.

You can republish art pieces and sell them; transform movies into MP4 files to be played on PSP players; remaster music into MP3 files.

You could also look at creating audio books of from children’s classics which are in the public domain.

If you take the time to look through the 1000s of potential files and use your imagination, you will find profit potential everywhere.

But, how do you find these works? You need a step-by-step guide...

Avril Harper's Ultimate Public Domain Profit Plan walks you through the exact steps to take to find profitable public domain works.

Avril's guide is a resource that holds real potential for marketers today and is highly recommended.

Update: This opportunity is no longer available but the page remains online for archive purposes


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