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David Vallieres' You Can Make A Living Online Course

David Vallieres' course is delivered via an online membership site.

For one fee you receive lifetime access to the site so that you can log in and out as you please, on your own timescale in order to learn how to make an income online.

David is no stranger to the 'net. He has been around for 10 years or more, making his living online - hence the name of his course "You Can! Make a Living Online"

I've just recently got access to the site at:

and I have been going through the tutorials and videos inside the members' area. First impressions are that it's extremely impressive with lots of usable information and tips.

David Allen sent me over some more info which he is happy for me to share - it basically is a comprehensive answer to some concerns from a potential member.


"Hello David,

I want to earn my living online. I'm certain this will involve selling things... and there's my problem. I've got nothing to sell! I've never really sold anything in my entire life. I'm no wheeler-dealer.

Why should I buy your course? I'm pretty sure it would be extremely good value for money for some people, but does a man with no legs need shoes?

Regards, and thanks for your patience,

[Name Removed for privacy]"

David's Answer:

"Hi [Name Removed]

Not a silly question at all, it's a very good point you have.

Of course online marketing involves selling but rather than the face to face hard sell that you would imagine offline, it involves both trust, good support and by the very nature of the fact that you are selling to anyone in the world with internet access, it's a numbers game too.

There are many ways to make a living online and all require hard work, even if it is from the comfort of your home. These include creating web sites with unique content on certain subjects and placing adverts such as Google AdSense on where you get paid "per click", affiliate marketing where you promote other people's products for a commission and also creating and selling your own products and services.

Even if you don't have a product of your own yet, with time and experience (and a nudge in the right direction) you may identify a need for a particular product or service. You may not have the skills to develop software yourself but when you bear in mind that on site like you can hire someone in Eastern Europe to develop software for your needs from only £6 an hour then you begin to realise that the only thing you require is the idea in the first place.

To give you an idea of one of the products I created to this effect look at

Here I sell software that searches out bargains on eBay and notifies the user when an item they are using either becomes available to buy on eBay or is on an auction that is just about to end. I win with this product in two ways: first of all I am marketing this to an existing crowd of eager bargain hunters. Members of eBay are by nature bargain hunters and any tool that will give them the edge over others is a "must have" tool so with marketing aimed at eBay users it sells well.

The clever part is though that using eBay's affiliate program, every time someone uses this software, clicks through to an auction and places a bid, eBay pay me 12p. This may not sound a lot but with thousands of copies in circulation, even if each person made one bid per month it soon adds up and this is on top of the money I make from selling the software.

With the affiliate commission in mind, I even offer a free "lite" version of the software to get more people using it. This is a simple idea but one that anyone with his thinking head on could have come up with and implemented - I know nothing of software programming but it cost no more that £400 to get this developed and this cost was covered within the first two months of its completion.

The other good thing about selling digital products is that you don't have to keep buying stock to sell, people can download as many copies as you can sell at no extra cost to you. I even have a system inplace that automates delivery to the customer so the only thing I have to spend time on is promoting it and using my own affiliate program I also get other marketers to promote it for me.

David Vallieres, the creator of this course, is a firm believer in the power of building a subscriber list. In this course he teaches how to build a list (and it can be in any niche or subject that you may be familiar with) and send regular newsletters interspursed with promotions and offers. I agree completely with this and if you can start building an opt-in mailing list you have won half of the battle.

Sorry for going on a bit but there are so many possibilties with Internet Marketing.

Finally, regarding your original question, there are lots of software products and reports that you can buy with "resale rights". This means that you can sell them on and keep all the profit. You may also have knowledge in a particular subject, even if its something daft like changing a tyre on your car. If you could create a video and put it on a CD or DVD teaching what you know, then sell it on eBay, there is a whole world full of people who will pay for information and training in a subject you may be familiar with, even if its on a crude "home made" video.

Imagine for an instance that a guy who fixes washiing machines makes a one hour video covering the most common repairs that you could fix yourself and sold it for £5 a copy. He would have many buyers at this price and could produce as many copies as he could sell for just a matter of the few pence cost of the blank CD. He could earn a lot more doing this for his one hours work than he would actually doing a repair and if he had a way to deliver the video as a download the his costs are zero. Food for thought indeed.

I do hope this has given you a taste for some of the possibilities and I highly recommend this course as a next step. There are also other resources I have added and will be adding to in time.

Please contact me for further support and with any questions you may have.



Read more about David Vallieres' course here:


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