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Review of the Internet Income Detective Newsletter by Jonathan Street and Nick Laight's Canonbury Publishing

According to my sources the 'Blog It' package is no longer offered for sale by Canonbury Publishing. You can still read the review if you scroll a little further down the page.

Although that particular package is no longer for sale, Jonathan Street is still kept busy publishing his monthly newsletter, the 'Internet Income Detective'.

This has now been running for well over a year and is proving to be a very interesting and valuable resource. Each month Jon writes in depth about the latest techniques and tricks that he is using to make money online.

He also reviews all of the latest products - and doesn't pull any punches when he finds some stinkers! I particularly enjoy his reviews of products by the 'Clickbank Brady Bunch' as he calls them - very funny.

The newsletter is usually a 16 page A4 printed document, mailed directly to your house and is published 10 times a year.

If you've heard of Jon Street before then you'll be aware that he's been making his living online for the past few years and in doing so he attracted the attention of Canonbury Publishing's owner, Nick Laight.

Nick has published and promoted several of Jon's products including the very popular 'Blog It' (see review below).

He approached Jon to do a monthly round-up of all the latest tricks and tips from the internet marketing world as well as comprehensive reviews of the latest product launches - which is what you'll find in the Internet Income Detective Newsletter.

I signed up when the newsletter first started back in February 2008 and since then it seems that Jon has increased the value of his offer to new subscribers.

In addition to the risk-free trial subscription to the Internet Income Detective newsletter, new subscribers now also receive, free of charge, a copy of Jon's product called "The Fast Track Internet Income Plan". This product will 'show you EXACTLY how to pocket regular amounts of 19-127 online'.

The price is just £37 for the first year and this low price is backed by Canonbury who give a 12 month money back guarantee - hence the "risk free" claim. Basically, if you aren't fully convinced that you can make money from Jon's advice then you can ask for your money back. They can't really be any fairer than that - this guarantee goes much beyond that offered by most publishers, I have to admit.

In short, the Internet Income Detective newsletter is a great read and is recommended for anybody who is interested in making money online. If you like your advice from a UK-based marketer who is really making money, you'll love this.

Update May 2013: This review was written several years ago and may not be relevant anymore.

Review of Blog It by Jonathan Street and Nick Laight's Canonbury Publishing

Jonathan Street has recently released a new home study course called "Blog It". It is published by Nick Laight and Canonbury Publishing.

Jonathan is known online as the "Internet Income Detective" due to his contributions to Nick Laight's newsletter. He has been making a full time income on the internet for quite a while now and spends thousands of pounds a year on the latest internet marketing related products to keep up-to-date with the latest technologies.

"Blog It" is one of those packages that makes quite a thump when it comes through the post box.

You get a huge printed A4 manual and a very smartly put together bonus pack of CDs. All in all you get 4 CDs which are designed to be viewed on either your PC or your Mac. The manual that comes with the package runs to over a hundred pages.

The whole idea of this course is to set up free blogs on Google's blogger site with the aim of making some passive income. The system revolves around blog marketing.

This is basically a beginner/intermediate guide so is ideal for anyone who is new to blogging or who hasn't been able to make money or get traffic.

The course goes through how to get content for your blogs giving several free methods and also some inexpensive ways of obtaining quality content.

Jonathan also covers how to have your content created automatically - perfect for an information marketer.

The Blog It manual covers a lot of features which you probably haven't considered using or didn't realise existed. All kinds of technical topics are covered which, with the way he describes it, are actually quite simple to understand.

Like many different systems, the Blog It package involves niche marketing - providing quality content to particular groups of people.

Your blog can create passive income for you from advertising and from promoting affiliate products.

Why Create a Blog?

If you haven't already got a website then it makes a lot of sense to start blogging for some potentially easy passive profits.

If you do happen to have a website then it makes a lot of sense to create a blog related to the website. Why? Well, it's free and you can use it to increase the number of visitors to your site and also improve your ranking in the search engines.

Many expert Internet marketers use blogs because there is a widely held belief that the search engines "love them" and so place them high in their results.

Using blogs in conjunction with a website can increase your website's standing in the search engine results pages due to the increased number of backlinks.

But, What About the Costs?

Well, here's the great news - Blogs don't cost a penny. There's no expense in setting up a blog using Google's Blogger site except perhaps for your time in setting them up and adding content regularly.

However setting up a blog is easy and is unlikely to take you more than a few minutes.

If you can open a free e-mail account such as Hotmail then you shouldn't have any problem creating your own blog.

Here's how easy it is:

Open the blog it manual, and then turn to Page 37 which is titled "Setting up your blog". Follow the precise instructions (which include images and the exact settings you should choose) until you get to page 42. Then simply press "Save Settings" and your new blog is created!

It is as simple as that. Five to 10 minutes' work, at the most...

Okay, what about special skills or experience?

Creating a blog is pretty much the same as signing up for any type of web-based service. You will need an e-mail address and some details about what subject your blog will cover, but that's about it.

Basically, as long as you can stick with it and follow Jonathan's simple instructions, there's no reason why you can't get a great little passive income stream running within just a month.

Is This A Viable Long-Term Money-Maker?

In closing the manual, Jonathan Street adds a section called "Profit Potential" where he shows you how it is very possible to make 20,000 plus per year from just a handful of blogs.

The "Blog It" system will need some work on your part, it isn't a "plug in and play, one million a year for sitting around in your underwear" type of scheme.

If you're looking for a viable way to make some money without a whole load of initial expenditure then I would suggest looking very closely at this course.

Not only is the manual bulky and detailed but there is a whole load of material on the CDs as well including step-by-step videos which you can follow on screen.

It's very likely that you'll be up and running with a well ranking blog in a very short space of time.

Update: This opportunity is no longer available but the page remains online for archive purposes

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