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Michael Hein and Making Money From Financial Speculation

Michael Hein offers a low cost home study course on trading the financial markets which he has named "Making Money From Financial Speculation".

Usually promoted via a direct mail shot to previous business opportunity buyers, Michael's course contains the following items:

  • Making Money From Financial Speculation manual - 108 page printed A4 manual
  • Live Video Recording - a DVD filmed at the Maidstone Tudor Conference Centre
  • Program Resources Data CD - Includes Live Audio and Program Software

The whole package is sold for only 54.95 with 4.95 being taken immediately (for postage and packing) with another 49 being charged 3 weeks after you receive the package.

If, in the meantime, you do not wish to keep the material, you can return it and lose just the 4.95 which you were initially charged for the despatch.

The material itself is very well presented; the manual is written well, the DVD has what seems to be a high production value and the CD contains some useful tips on trading.

The course mainly centres on stocks, shares and indices (such as the Nasdaq, Dow Jones and FTSE 100). There are small sections about currency and commodity but nothing of any real substance.

The manual is split into 6 sections. The first chapter deals with the author's past and some basic facts about trading.

In his introduction, Michael immediately contradicts his sales letter in which he says he wrote the course whilst working for a Luxembourg trading company.

According to the manual, he wrote the whole course for some extra income and to help anyone who is new to trading. It's a little white lie, obviously added in the sales letter to make good copy and mark Michael out as an expert trader.

The remainder of the course book continues to reveal some trading strategies and an indepth look into the particular investment vehicles you can use to profit from market movements. On the whole it is very well written and clear but the occasional paragraph makes almost no sense at all.

For example (talking about the difference between speculators and investors):

"To make the two as different as chalk and cheese is so beloved by the ordinary investor and the various investment urgers who use it to pacify them as to the lesser (albeit still material) risk they are taking."

Strangely constructed sentences like the above, luckily, are few and far between. It took me a few minutes and several re-reads to understand what on earth he was talking about though...

Later chapters cover spread betting, cash trading, CFDs (Contracts For Difference - an often overlooked trading vehicle) and Fixed-Odds Betting.

The DVD which accompanies the manual is not taken from a seminar but shows Michael with just a laptop and a monitor talking to the camera in a studio. He does hold seminars (to which you will most likely be invited if you buy the course) but here he obviously chose not to include footage from these training days.

With a running time of around 50 minutes, the DVD contains footage of Michael elaborating on the manual and then ends with several examples of trades he has taken - both losing and winning trades.

The CD contains 40 or so pages of "useful trading ideas", 15 minutes of audio, a ShareScope demo and links to financial information sites and brokers.

The audio recordings are by Michael himself including "7 Trading Rules" and "Winning and Loosing(sic)".

PDFs include "Simple Moving Averages", "Getting Started With Options", "Ed Seykota Interview" and "Trading Psychology".

The course is pretty good value for money and the refund guarantee is solid. Michael's package does resemble Vince Stanzione's Making Money From Financial Spread Trading in more than just name. This is not surprising as he and Vince are business associates - Michael's articles appear in Vince's Financial Trading Day workbooks and on his members only website.

Vince has also said that he tends to refer people to Michael when they ask for shorter term trading strategies. Where Vince's methods concentrate on time lengths of weeks and months, Michael holds trades for days and weeks.

Yet again, like Vince Stanzione's course, this is really just for beginners. If you already trade the markets successfully, you will not need anything in this package.

Sorry, no website - Michael's products are advertised by sales letter only

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