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Cash for your unwanted business opportunities

If you've got some courses sat on a shelf doing nothing then get in touch and we'll see if we can make a deal.

Avoid the hassle and fees on eBay, tell me what you've got and how much you want for it and if we can agree on a price I'll pay you directly before you send the items to me.

Just a couple of rules:

(1) All items must be original

This shouldn't need to be said but copies are completely unacceptable. The purchase must include all original receipts/invoices/welcome letters etc.

(2) Physical items only, no digital downloads

Books, folders, DVDs, CDs etc you can sell on, downloads you cannot.

(3) Items must be sent via a trackable courier preferably Royal Mail.

(4) Payment will be made by PayPal.

And that's it.

Maybe you've been refused a refund and want to get rid of the course - no problems, get in touch...

Perhaps you've got a shed/garage/loft full of courses that you never use - send me the details we can make a deal...

You may have found a biz opp that works and so you are prepared to sell all of the remainder of your library. If that describes you then send me an email...


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