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Inside Track Property Investment Courses and Jim Moore

Inside Track provide courses designed to educate ordinary investors in how to make money from property through buy to let, property development and buying houses and flats off-plan to sell on for profit.

According to their official website, Inside Track have educated thousands of investors and made them into "property investment professionals".

What they offer is a series of specialist courses covering methods you can use to make money from property.

However, you can get a taster by going to a free 2 hour 'introductory workshop' which promises to show you how to get into property investment, quickly build a property portfolio and buy both UK and overseas property.

Further courses are also available, although at slightly(!) higher rates.

Subjects include Property Investment, Tax and Advanced Tax, Lettings, Negotiation, International Property and Property Financing Skills.

On their website, Inside Track also promote the kinds of deals you are likely to get once you become one of their clients. At the moment, three examples are shown:

The first is a flat in Manchester. Inside Track value the flat at £180,500 but offer a 10% discount to clients meaning they can buy this flat to rent or sell on for only £162,500.

Newcastle is the location of the second example and this has a valuation of £245,588. Clients receive a discount of £36,838 (15%) and are able to buy these flats for just £208,750.

The final, third example shows a Florida property "worth" $295,000 but discounted by $10,000 (3.4%). Underneath is a seperate note stating that capital growth is currently 17% per annum so after 12 months your investment could be worth $345,150!

The basic 2 day course "UK and International Property Investment - 2 Day Seminar" covers a great deal of ground with a large number of speakers (5+).

The speakers usually include a mortgage advisor, a development specialist, a lettings specialist, a financial adviser etc. Also, an ex-student is typically also on-hand to give a quick presentation of how he has fared since attending the course.

Aside from buy to let and investment property, Inside Track also aims to teach you to look out for development opportunities around your local area. Common themes are bungalows which you can extend into 2 bed houses, large plots of land where you can build flats and houses with room for extentions.

The idea is that you buy the house/land, do the work on it and then sell immediately for a large cash profit. Simple, eh?

Other ideas include buying "off-plan" properties i.e. houses/flats which are not yet built such the examples above.

As you buy at a discount you can then remortgage these properties for their true value and use the equity to repeat the process. Within a year or two you could possibly be a "property millionaire". The downside here being that if the property market were to crumble, you will be left with a large negative equity.

Of course, the market doesn't seem to be going anyplace but up at the moment and risk management is covered as part of the course.

Up to 21 free introductory workshops are held each week throughout the UK.

Venues include Gatwick, Cheshire, Dudley, Manchester, Walsall, Leeds, Scotland, Leicester, Leeds, Croydon, Nottingham and Tunbridge Wells amongst others.

See the Inside Track website (link below) for more details of how you can attend:

Update: This opportunity is no longer available but the page remains online for archive purposes

Inside Track recently went into administration. Full story can be found on the Guardian's website:

Champion of buy-to-let boom succumbs to credit crunch


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