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Review of AffPayPro - Affiliate Marketing without Affiliate Links

AffPayPro is a brand new, very unique digital product delivery and affiliate management system.

Over the past couple of months I have been testing this product and I've found it to be full of possibilities for the smart internet marketer.

It's a system that you can use which allows your affiliates to market your site and earn commissions without having to use affiliate links

So, your affiliates can now send their prospects directly to your site:

Rather than to a blatantly obvious affiliate link:

As I write this (25th February 2008), this software is brand new to the market.

There was a small "test launch" last week but it has not took off yet so there is plenty of opportunity for people to get in early using this type of affiliate program and really clean up.

Here's how AffPayPro works:

The affiliate sends a customer directly to your site and gives them a unique coupon code to use. He explains that this coupon gives a large discount on the normal price.

The customer decides to order and clicks on your order link as per usual:

They are then taken to page where they are asked for a couple of details (note the price - $197):

When they enter a valid coupon code, a discount is applied. In this case, the discount is 75% so the price they are actually charged is just $49.25:

The customer pays this lower price and their download link is provided instantly (an email containing the download link is sent as well).

The system recognises the discount coupon they used and the correct affiliate is credited with their commission.

It's a very powerful system because the referring affiliate is able to offer customers a discount on a product and it is not totally obvious that he or she is earning a commission by doing this.

Discount Coupons:

The management area of AffPayPro allows you to specify different discount coupons.

For example: You could give affiliates a code which offers 50% discount and 50% commission. On a $100 product their code would reduce this to $50 and give them $25 commission on each sale. Or, for really powerful affiliates, you could create a 75% discount/75% commission coupon.

AffPayPro allows you to control what discounts your affiliates can offer and also lets them choose which coupon to use.

This is a great system, very easy to install and configure. As an affiliate marketer I can see the real power in using coupons rather than blatant affiliate links.

I know the product owners, David and Janet, and they offer superb support and excellent technical knowledge.

With this in mind, and having been a beta tester of this software, I can wholeheartedly recommend AffPayPro to anyone looking to sell digital products (eBooks, software, etc) online.

Affiliates will be very happy to promote your products when they can offer discounts to their customers and they don't have to use blatant affiliate links.

To find out more, please visit the AffPayPro site at:

To get a discount on the purchase, please make sure you use the following promotion code:



Some Frequently Asked Questions about AffPayPro:

Q: With this software, can I offer different joint venture partners different discounts via coupon codes?

A: Absolutely - AffPayPro generates a unique code for each new affiliate that registers to promote your product. As the affiliate manager, you can set the default discount and commission rates they can offer. You can also edit rates on individual coupons for each affiliate.

Q: Is this software installed on my own website?

A: Yes, you can install AffPayPro on any website that you own. However, you only actually need to install it on one website. The software allows you to create unlimited products and link the "Buy Now" code from any sales page on any web site. So there's no real need to have multiple installations.

Q: Are my download links hidden and secure?

A: All downloads and products are stored in a folder on your server which is not publicly accessible. The folders AffPayPro uses to contain your downloads are one step behind public_html so are extremely secure. (For non-techies this means that they are pretty much impossible to download without permission).

Q: I already use some software which uses PayPal's IPN - will AffPayPro need the IPN or can I continue to use the other software alongside it?

A: PayPal IPN needs to be turned on, that's all. You don't have to set anything at PayPal other than turn IPN on, even if it's pointing to another site. The script automatically sends the correct code to PayPal at point of sale and everything is done automatically from there. You can continue to use other scripts at the same time as AffPayPro without it being an issue.

Q: Are there any special requirements for my web hosting so I can use this script?

A: Your web hosting needs to use PHP, have 1 spare MYSQL database and also have access to the root folder (i.e. 1 step back from public_html or www). Most reseller accounts have all these features as standard so it shouldn't be a problem. If you're unsure, check with your hosting company and they should be able to tell you. As a general rule, if you use CPanel to access your web hosting account you should be fine!


To find out more, please visit the AffPayPro site at:

Make sure to use the following promotion code for a discount:



© Copyright 2005 - 2017 Ben Catt.