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Stuart Goldsmith and Medina Limited

Stuart Goldsmith is very highly regarded by some of the most successful direct mail gurus in the world. And it's no surprise because before Stuart "retired" he had made more than 10 million from the mail order and direct mail businesses he ran for over 20 years.

Although Stuart no longer actively runs his Medina Limited business, his material is still sold through many websites by entrepreneurs who have bought reprint rights to his business opportunity products.

According to his website, Stuart has now released a new course under his new company name "Alithea Limited". The sales page can be found at the following site -

Reading the sales letter it looks as if this course has been a long time in the making. Stuart has spent 5 years(!) producing the course and has finally decided it is ready to be offered for sale.

Much like Andrew Reynolds' Cash On Demand course, Stuart's course is a monthly publication priced at 29.97. Payments are taken via Standing Order.

The course, like his "Inner Circle" course, consists of two modules per month. One is called Real Happiness and the other has been named Real Wealth. The former promises to deal with the path to true contentment with life, the latter shows you have to obtain enough money for Financial Freedom.

So far, it looks like this new publication has only been offered via the internet but I would imagine that Mr Goldsmith, being the mail order expert that he is, will soon be sending out direct mail sales letters to many lists. Therefore, if you are on any business opportunity lists I would expect to recieve the promotional literature soon.

This new course comes quite soon after Stuart had decided to "retire".

In 2005 he ran a series of retirement seminars teaching attendees about his business methods which included resale rights to 145 products bought from some US product developers. Attendees are now selling these products on various websites.

The products offered were written and published by two different sets of authors. The first, Russ von Hoelscher, is a direct mail marketing expert who has helped many entrepreneurs to become extremely successful. The second, Eileen & T.J. Rohleder, were the founders of M.O.R.E. Inc who built a mutli-million dollar business from scratch.

The course were paper and ink products including audio tapes and went by such titles as "How To Dream BIG And Get Rich!", "How To Start Your Own Million-Dollar Business!", 53 Hot Ways To Make Money With High-Profit Information On The Internet!" and "How To Stay At Home And Profit With Easy Email!".

Links to companies offering these products will be provided in due time. If you are selling these products now, please do get in contact via the Feedback page on this site.

Some history on Stuart Goldsmith

Records indicate that when he was trading, Goldsmith was able to sell a whopping 23,000+ subscriptions to his "Inner Circle" mailings. This 10 part course gave the subscribers a unique business plan to follow to acheive financial freedom.

As well as this course he is known for several other books and courses. These include; "Seven Secrets of the Millionaires", "The Midas Method", "The Golden Mailbox" and "Double Your Way to 1 Million" amongst others.

Like most business opportunity sellers, Stuart describes how he was crippled with debt when he first started in the business of direct mail. According to his sales material he lived in a cramped one bedroom flat and worked for a pitance. His bank account was always overdrawn and he was always short of money, spending more than he earnt each month.

However, just 8 years after starting his new business he was a millionaire.

Graduating in Electronic Engineering in 1973, Goldsmith went on to work for the BBC as a sound engineer. Shortly after he met an unnamed man who taught him the principles of marketing. After learning this information, he quit his job and started a successful electronics design company.

Years later, Stuart sold his share in the company (50%) and "retired" aged just 34. However, 6 months later he decided to start up a new business, this time concentrating on mail order. His first product, a book entitled "The Midas Method" has since sold over 100,000 copies in 19 countries.

Since that first product, Goldsmith has produced many more hugely popular courses and books even teaming up with Ted Nicolas to write a "How To" on direct mail marketing called "The Golden Mailbox".

Goldsmith's course are very well written and give the impression that he spent a lot of time developing each one. He goes to great lengths to ensure that all of his students copy his method of only selling quality products which ensure buyers return to purchase more.

At this moment in time, Stuart Goldsmith has officially retired having earnt in excess of 10,000,000. His products still sell very well...

* UPDATE 2014 *

Stuart Goldsmith's Way of the Warrior course and DVDs of his full financial trading day for sale - Business Opportunity Manuals, DVDs and Videos For Sale


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