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Nick James and the Joint Venturist DVD home study course

Update 2014: Please note the following was written in 2006 and is no longer applicable. is no longer a "business opportunity" related site. It has been replaced by the "Internet Marketing Training Club".

If you’ve not yet heard of Nick James, I’m pretty sure you soon will.

Nick, 30, is the founder and owner of Power-Tech Associates Ltd, a niche marketing resource company with an excellent reputation in the business for delivering high quality products and exceptional value.

Power-Tech has risen rapidly since inception. In fact, Nick has personally banked well over £1.2 million pounds from this business in just a few years.

This vast sum is a result of Nick's prowess at marketing other people's products.

He can take someone else's products, market them on and offline and quietly bank a fortune for himself. All he does, he says in his own words, is "follow several proven principles of direct marketing."

The "Joint Venturist"

The latest offering from Nick James has just been launched into the marketplace. This brand new DVD course shows you how, from a standing start, you can become a Joint Venture Dealmaker and bank huge profits each month.

This is the very foundation of Nick's £1.2 million success story.

First, a little more about the man behind the course.

Nick James’ rise up the monetary and business ranks certainly was not "all plain sailing."

By his own admission, Nick "screwed up things royally" when he was in his mid 20s; he lost his job, lost his house and lost his wife.

In the end he was forced to take a job at the low end of the pay scale and make ends meet (just about) by becoming a Car Park Attendant.

By working in this "minimum wage" role, a fluke of circumstance led to Nick meeting a very successful UK businessman. From then on, it really was all change.

To cut a long story short, it was from this "chance meeting" that Nick became interested in Direct Marketing and soon began building himself a successful business.

As a result he’s currently living the stay-at-home entrepreneur's dream life. And it’s simply because he got up off his backside and made things work!

Nick James' major flaw, and he has been told this repeatedly, is costing him dearly...

You see, a great deal of people who consider themselves marketing and business experts pocket large amounts of cash by trumpeting themselves with huge seminars.

Nick on the other hand prefers his privacy and would rather stay out of the spotlight. In his words; “I would rather be successful than famous any day of the week”

The Offer

The DVD study course contains 2 DVDs entitled "How to Make £25k to £100k per Month from Home as a Joint Venturist".

These DVDs feature the very successful UK businessman, Andrew Reynolds, explaining his simple system for banking huge profits.

Also included are 2 bonus DVDs - "The Millionaire Lifestyle of the Joint Venturist" and "The Daily Profit System - Making £5,000+ a Day from Home".

As a further bonus, you get 3 month's membership to Nick's UK Home Based Entrepreneurs' Private Members-Only Website. This, in itself, is worth the cost on its own.

And all at a surprisingly cheap £67 + P&P.

In the past Andrew held a sold-out, behind closed doors, one day seminar explaining this information with a ticket price of £5,000. So to pay less than £70 has to be considered a steal!


Quietly, Nick has developed a strong subscriber base to his paid membership site where members are provided with plenty of fresh, authentic articles, ideas, resources, advice and interviews that’ll help any small business owner.

He also creates and develops his own audio and multimedia software products.

These tools are primarily designed to help the small, stay-at-home entrepreneur to find their feet on the Internet and in turn create their own products (and business fortune).

Nick James is a "do-er" and proves it with this excellent package.

Follow his and Andrew's tips, techniques and experience and you may well find yourself written up on this website in a few short months too!

Update: This opportunity is no longer available but the page remains online for archive purposes


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