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Pat Adams Retires

Update 11th July 2007:

Please read the following blog post about this package:

Some Controversy About Pat Adamsí Retirement Seminar Package

It came as quite a shock to the product development community to learn that Pat Adams, the master information publisher behind the UK Masters Seminars, had decided to retire and move to Florida with his family.

Pat had initially told only a few business associates and past customers about his retirement and was winding down his business quietly, intending to retire after a short series of private, strictly invitation-only seminars.

This was all blown out of the water, quite literally, when at the Entrepreneur's Bootcamp at Wembley in November 2005, Andrew Reynolds announced to the 2,600 strong crowd Pat's intention to retire. (You can view the footage of this moment on Pat's website - more later)

Stunned into silence by Andrew's actions, Pat immediately thought of only one thing - "thank God I'd put on a clean shirt and my tie was done up" - as the crowd all turned to look at him.

What is even more surprising about Pat's decision to retire is that he is doing it at possibly the most successful point of his career.

Over the last couple of years, his business has gone from strength to strength which has lead to him offering several seminars, behind closed doors, to budding information entrepreneurs as well as quality DVD sets and home study courses.

Pat is able to bank £89,546.91, working from home, in a single month. In addition, just one of his home-study courses has brought him in over £70,000 per year for the last 3 years with just 200 customers.

So, why did Andrew let the cat out of the bag so dramatically?

To be honest, it was to make a point....

You see, Pat had attended one of Andrew's seminars a few years ago and is one of the most successful attendees that Andrew can boast about.

To prove his point, Andrew wanted to show everyone who was present at Wembley that weekend that it is possible to retire after just 4-5 years of starting in the product development business. Pat is a shining example of what can be done...

Since his retirement has now been leaked, Pat has had to change his plans somewhat. The seminars, scheduled for the early part of this year, have now been postponed. They will take place, but they will be part of a much bigger package. Let me explain...

When people found out that Pat was winding down, he received a lot of offers for his business.

In fact, several information publishers wanted to buy Pat's whole business and run it for themselves. They wanted the lot - the DVDs, the manuals, home study courses - everything Pat has developed over the past couple of years which have allowed him to take early retirement and upsticks to the USA.

But, there was a problem with the offer...

And it wasn't the huge payments that were being offered.

The problem was that these buyers wanted Pat to stay on as a "consultant" of sorts. They talked about him working with them for the next 3 years or so. Obviously, Pat did not want to sell the licences to his products only to wind up being an employee for the forseeable future!

Instead, he has decided to offer a very small number of licencing packages to interested parties strictly on a first-come-first-served basis. The number of licences are strictly limited to avoid the market being flooded, Pat doesn't want "everyone and his mother" selling these items.

He also was aware that by offering such a small number of licences, he can work more closely with the purchasers over the next 6 months and can therefore tailor the help he offers specifically to the individual.

So, what is offered in this special retirement deal?

You can read more on Pat's special website, more details in a moment. Here is a small selection of what each licencee will receive:

  • 8 Ready To Promote DVD sets (Over 70 Hours Of Professional Video)

  • 100 Hours Of Raw Video ready to be edited into new products

  • Professionally Produced DVD Case And DVD Disc Designs

  • Access To A Brand New DVD Design Web site - Brand Your Own DVDs In Minutes

  • The Complete Sony Movie Maker DVD Software Package

  • Two Brand New DVD Seminar Packs In 2006

  • 15 Professional Intro Sets

  • The Ultimate Video Producers Tool Box With Reproduction Rights

  • A Complete Ready Stocked, Ready To Trade Internet Shopping Cart (Including Credit Card Facilities)

  • 16 Ready Published Public Domain Products in Real Turn Page Format

  • Xsite Pro Software (used to Build Web sites in 60 minutes or less)

  • Seminar Ticket Agency with 50% Commission on every Sale

  • Seminar Promotion Model - Move Into The Booming Seminar Business!

  • FREE Guest Speaker Offer (Pat at your very own seminar)

  • FREE 6 Months Inner Circle DVDs

  • Complete Order Fulfilment Service

  • and much more....

As you can see, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy into a genuinely successful business.

This business is ready to go tomorrow and it hasn't even been tapped to its full potential yet. Believe it or not, Pat never advertised these products in the national press, through Google AdWords or Overture. There are hundreds of methods of advertising these products which haven't been explored at all.

This is a "business in a box" with ready to sell products (the 8 DVD seminar sets) and unlimited potential products (you get full resale rights to the raw video so you can edit your own unique, personal products from the footage).

As Pat says "This isn't an opportunity for the masses. It's an opportunity for the fortunate few. Please don't put this to one side, as delay will lose you the opportunity of joining me, in the best business in the world."

Update: This opportunity is no longer available but the page remains online for archive purposes


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