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Kevin Potts of the Cambridge Business Academy and the Churchill Apprenticeship

Kevin Potts initially became known in the business opportunity field after building his "Cambridge Business Academy" (CBA) membership site. This was an internet marketing training site aimed at newcomers to the business.

He was also known for his business relationships with other marketers such as Tim Lowe, Chris Farrell, Paul Lynch and Russell Brunson.

In a very short time period Potts grew the business to the point where it was claimed he had a subscriber list in the low 6 figures. He was also able to get some great rankings for the CBA site. For example, at certain times it would be listed as the fourth result in Google when you searched for the term "make money online".

As well as his membership site, Potts also had a major role in running an online forum called "Honest Work From Home Success".

Late in 2010 he ran a one day workshop in Cambridge along with US marketer Russell Brunson.

The "Churchill" course

The Churchill Apprenticeship program was a very high-priced product launched by Potts in July 2010. This course promised each customer a "6 or even 7 figure business within 12 months" that would be built by the CBA team.

The huge sales letter (90+ pages) promised that anyone who was accepted and paid 20,000 + VAT would be provided with a unique product to sell. They would also be spared any "boring technical work" and would be provided with a subscriber list of up to 10,000, a website and marketing materials.

The one year course would also include numerous meetings and 1-to-1 sessions.

Within a couple of days of launching this course, rumours had it that over 100 places had been sold resulting in over 2 million in sales.

This was later reported in US dollars as sales of $3 million.

Closure of the Cambridge Business Academy website

One major component of the Churchill Apprenticeship course was a full membership to the CBA site, with access to everything on that site.

Considering this was such a large part of the apprenticeship program, it came as a big surpise that this site was closed down in late 2010 and described as "sold".

A simple notice was posted on the site stating that it had been sold and more news would follow.

None of the membership site was accessible following this change.

Later, in the early months of 2011 the "this site has been sold" notice was removed and the entire site was forwarded to Russell Brunson's "dotcomsecrets" website. The Churchill Apprentice website was also forwarded to this same website.

Both sites still remained registered to Kevin Potts.

Rumours spread after Potts disappears

Marketing discussion forums have been filled with rumours about what has happened to Kevin Potts and his businesses.

Initially people seemed happy to believe the claim that the Cambridge Business Academy site had been sold. However, as more time passed and nothing was changed with the site, the claim became less and less plausible.

This site was ranking high for some very valuble keywords and every day that it was simply showing a "sold" notice, it was losing this search engine ranking and therefore losing its appeal to buyers.

If someone had actually bought the site from Potts, persumably for its superb wonderful search engine rankings, leaving it barren was a big mistake.

Google is known to quickly change rankings if websites appear to have been abandoned.

At the time this page is written, Kevin Potts has still not made any official announcement.

The Churchill course is 6 months into its 12 month duration so it is still potentially viable. The CBA team have another 6 months to build the businesses that were promised to Churchill customers.

A credible source close to Kevin suggested that final number of Churchill students was more around the 20 mark than the 100 or so initially rumoured to have been accepted.

Should 20 or so Churchill apprentices appear in public in July 2011, each boasting a 6 figure business built for them then Kevin Potts will be hailed as an internet marketing genius.

Anything less than that and this bold experiment will likely be pronounced a failure. Should that happen then the best result would be for the students to be refunded in full. Unfortunately, refunds were not mentioned in the huge Churchill apprenticeship sales letter.


As this is technically still an ongoing opportunity, updates will be added when available.

With Kevin still not making official announcements about the site, much of the talk on forums and blogs is speculation.

Someone claiming to be a Churchill Apprentice has been making sporadic posts on a Wordpress-hosted blog, the last of which was on the 14th January 2011.

According to that particular post he had met up with the Churchill team on the 13th January 2011.

Should this be true then it appears as if this extremely expensive course is still running and Kevin Potts is still around.

* UPDATE 24th February 2012 *

Over a year on from when this article was first published it would be nice to give a glowing update about the Churchill Apprentices and detail how well they are doing but there hasn't been any update either from them or from Kevin Potts.

Considering how publicity hungry he seemed to be when the Cambridge Business Academy was up and running it is probably a safe assumption that Potts would be very vocal about his mentoring success.

His disappearance doesn't mean that no-one made any money from the Churchill course but it is rather strange that it is over six months since the course finished and we haven't heard anything from him at all.

The only apprentice that was easily identifiable (the author of the blog mentioned above) made a post on the 21st November 2011 declaring that he had 'graduated' from the Churchill program. He didn't elaborate on whether he'd been provided with the promised 6 figure business.

An earlier post he made announced that the forum linked to his Churchill-provided website had gone live. As of today the forum has a total of 8 posts. The last post was in December 2011.

Any Churchill Apprentices out there want to share their story?


Page last updated: 24th February 2012
Page first published: 10th February 2011


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