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Domain Profit Guide Review

The Domain Profit Guide is just over 2 years old but has recently been given a re-vamp for 2009. My new, updated version came through via email last week.

I met the authors, Andy Shorten and Paul Gunter at the Entrepreneur Weekend seminar in Birmingham in June 2007. They'd been invited to speak about their success in the domain name business.

To cut a long story short, Andy and Paul gave a great presentation on their methods for selecting quality domain names, buying them for a good price and then selling them on for a healthy profit. They also explained how they made money from the domains whilst they owned them.

It was all very fascinating stuff and for me, domain name trading was the big take away idea from the seminar. In fact, I started monitoring the domain name market as soon as I got home from Birmingham.

A few weeks later I picked up a copy of the Domain Profit Guide and really knuckled down to it. Since then, I've had a lot of success buying and selling dot com domain names including some very profitable trades - the pick of the bunch was a 4,000% profit on one domain after holding it for just 6 months.

What Does it Involve?

There's no big secret to this opp, just common sense advice mixed with some insider info.

You buy domain names and then sell them on for a profit. Whilst you are trying to sell a domain you can "park" it - put up adverts on the site in an attempt to earn some passive income.

What the Domain Profit Guide does is:

  • Explains step-by-step how to find the really good domain names that have immediate profit potential
  • Shows you real examples of how the authors made huge profits on their speciality - UK domains (dot co dot uk) and how this can be repeated over and over with any domain name extension.
  • Walks you through the process of finding and grabbing great domains that have been thrown away by their owners
  • Tells you where to go to get accurate valuations for your domains
  • Reveals how to get started in the domain name business, today, for as little as £6!
  • Gives you a simple process to follow whenever you want to sell your domain for a profit

Why I Liked This Opportunity

Iíve realised recently that I've no real interest in copywriting, product creation or information marketing which leaves me with few choices about what I can do to earn some extra money in my spare time.

Selling on eBay often needs some copywriting skill to get good results and financial trading is a valid but more of a long-term method.

Domain name trading, on the other hand, is open to anyone with a small amount of capital to use. I picked up my first domain name - an expired dot com name - for just $18.99 (£9.37 at the time). I'm quietly confident I could ask for $500 for this particular name and sell it pretty quickly.

I found this domain by using a specialist site revealed on page 47 of the guide.

How I Have Used The Guide

In the Domain Profit Guide it shows you how to find great quality domains that are expiring and how to determine when they will drop from the registry.

Expiring means that for some reason their owner is letting the domain go (not paying to renew it for another year) and so it is going to be made "available" again.

I've found it's quite amazing how many really, really good quality domains are simply abandoned by their previous owners. Some are dropped which then go to auction and eventually sell for tens of thousands of dollars. Others are of great quality but no-one bothers to bid for them so I can pick them up for a small percentage of their real value.

When you consider that around 40,000 dot com domains expire every day, I've got a lot of domains to choose from. Then, of course, there are thousands of other domain types - dot net, dot org, dot biz, dot co dot uk and so on.

So, using the free websites listed in the guide, I simply find domains with great keywords in them and then attempt to "catch" them when they drop. Best of all, I only pay if I win the domain.

Once I've won the domain I first put advertising on it - easy to do and takes about 10 minutes using the guide - and then follow the strategies suggested in order to try and sell it on for a profit.

I've had a lot of success flipping domain names for a 150-250% profit - especially some of the keyword rich domains I have grabbed. Others haven't sold yet but are displaying relevant advertisements which earn me money if somebody clicks on them.


If you're looking for something a little different that has a truely worldwide market then I would highly recommend you take a good look at the domain name trading business.

I've now got a huge portfolio of great quality domain names that are worth several times what I paid for them - all thanks for the Domain Profit Guide.

My problem now is deciding when to sell them for the most profit!

Check out this great opportunity at

Domain Profit Guide

Update: This opportunity is no longer available but the page remains online for archive purposes

*Update 20th August 2015* - It looks like the Domain Profit Guide is no longer for sale which is a shame. Values of LLL.coms are sky-rocketing for some reason, as are LLLL.coms. If you'd like to know more about domain investing check out some domaining forums like, and


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