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Pat Adams and the UK Masters Seminars

Pat Adams is becoming a very big name in the UK information publishing business.

Over the past few years, Pat claims to have made over one and a half million pounds running his mail order and web based information products business. At the moment he sees the future of information publishing revolving around DVDs and the massive profit potential they offer.

Not surprisingly, Pat's main products are seminars and DVDs containing footage of those seminars. However, where others charge £2000+, Pat's courses are usually around the £500 mark and are much more personal (i.e. small groups, not 200+ packed into a small room!).

The vast majority of Pat's DVD sets are seminars teaching viewers how to run a successful DVD or information producing business. Over the past two years, Pat has run several full day seminars with such titles as "Hold Me Hostage For a Day Seminar" where he allowed an open question and answer session as well as the "By God, I've Found a Goldmine" one day course.

It seems that Mr Adams is becoming the UK's answer to Bill Myers, the famous American "Product Developer".

Pat usually advertises his seminars and products through emails rather than direct mail. He also runs several websites to advertise for the seminars.

In 2003/2004, Pat ran a series of 2-3 day courses featuring five of the most successful UK publishers which he called the UK Masters Seminars. There were 3 courses in total, one held in La Manga, Spain and two in London.

The speakers were Vince Stanzione, John Gommes, Mike Chantry, Phil Gosling and Peter Hobday.

Each seminar was a sell out and offered extremely useful advice from each of the speakers.

After those seminars, Pat has continued to offer several more specialised courses from his websites, mostly footage of his one day seminars.

His main subjects this year included DVD production, public domain publishing and a new product called "The Apprentice" featuring a monthly course following the progress of a new information publisher under the tuition of Pat himself.

Pat's latest offering is a new website offering all of his products in one store.

Called the "Wealth Store", Pat offers a range of DVD sets of his best seminars. Most retail at around the £400 mark yet you can pick up a bargain or two if you remember to visit often.

There is no doubt that, unlike a great deal of internet marketers, Pat Adams does offer excellent DVD products.

The La Manga UK Masters seminar in particular is packed full of extremely useful information and sells for only £395, much less than the £2000 you would've had to pay to actually attend!

Update: This opportunity is no longer available but the page remains online for archive purposes

More recently (2008) Pat Adams has "un-retired" and offered several new biz opp related packages.

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