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Data Entry Schemes - Viable Opportunity or a Scam?

"Who Else Wants to Make $$ Entering Data from Home?" -

"Who Wants To Make a $1000+ Per Day Just Entering Simple Data From Home?" -

All over the internet the big selling programs at the moment seem to be "type from home" and "data entry work" schemes.

For around $50 you are promised access to 1000s of companies who are apparently looking for people to work from home entering data.

For each selection of data you enter, the schemes say, you are paid by the company... of course, this is complete rubbish.

These Data Entry schemes are carefully written to hide the fact that, rather than being "employed" to type data, you are actually advertising eBooks and other goods to try and earn commissions on sales.

No earnings are actually guaranteed, if your advertising doesn't work and you do not make any sales, you do not get paid. Also, your advertising could be rather costly if you follow the "advice" you are given!

Read each sales letter carefully and you will find that they contain references to "PPC" and "Clickbank" when they describe the work their customers will be doing.

Each scheme revolves around writing advertisements which are displayed on Google search engine results pages. When someone clicks on your advert, they are taken through your affiliate link to the sales page of whatever you are trying to promote.

Your aim is for the customer to buy the product after going through your link. If they do, you receive a commission on the sale, which could be up to 75% of the sale price.

For each customer that clicks on your advert you pay a fee - hence the term "Pay Per Click (PPC)". Depending on the settings of your ad campaign, you could pay anything from around $0.05 per click upwards. It is not unknown for people to pay $5+ per click!

Schemes like Data Entry Pro and My Data Job claim they provide you with the data to put into the forms. This sounds great, like you can actually go away and plug the data into the forms, sit back and watch the sales roll in.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work like that.

The data provided is in the form of keywords. You type an advert and then specify the keywords which will trigger your ad to be shown. Then you set the maximum cost per click (CPC) you are willing to pay.

In the case of Data Entry Pro, the only "data" they provide is to advertise several dubious "work from home" schemes.

The keywords provided are of the type: "business opportunities", "make money on the internet" and "internet marketing" and they suggest you pay $1 per click for these words.

Paying $1 per click and advertising schemes which yield, for example, $25 per sale, you would need at least a 4% conversion to break even. 4% is considered brilliant and it is VERY unlikely you would be able to achieve this figure.

Consider also, these sales letters do not tell you exactly what you are buying for one reason - they know that if they did, you wouldn't buy it!

If you are advertising similar schemes, following their "data entry" guidelines, you should expect a large number of refunds which will eat into your revenue.

Advertising products on Google as an affiliate is a very viable passive income creator but the methods explained in these "Data Entry" products is very, very poor.

With a couple of year's experience of Google Adwords it is obvious to me that these people are not experts - far from it. Their methods and "data" are likely to lose you money rather than create the "$1,000" per day as promised.


As an aside, Data Entry Pro offers a second section which they call "REAL DATA ENTRY PORTION OF [the] SYSTEM".

This is a list of companies which are apparently looking for data entry teleworkers across the world and who offer wages of "$9.00 - $15.00+ an hour".

Looking through the list, the vast majority of jobs ask for experienced translators and transcribers to type out dictations at over 40 words per minute. They typically want professional secretaries and translators, certainly not people with "no special skills or experience".

Typical wages for this work start at just $7 an hour which, at around 3.80, is less than the minimum wage in the UK.

If you are interested in making money via Google Adwords, Chris Carpenter's Google Cash is a much better guide to the process of writing advertisements on Google and Yahoo.

Check out the Google Cash review to see my results

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