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Welcome to - Your Guide to Business Opportunities

I've previously made the claim that business opportunities can be placed into one of 6 categories:

(1) Information publishing
(2) Betting and gambling
(3) Financial trading and investing
(4) Affiliate and commission based opps
(5) Property
(6) Outright scams

There are probably a couple more but I am struggling to think at the moment - these 6 pretty much cover most of the industry. I guess you could add eBay into the mix and other retail opportunities.

Now, information publishing can be extremely lucrative. You only need to look at marketers like Andrew Reynolds, Stuart Goldsmith and Nick Laight to see that. All of these people have made millions from newsletters and courses.

Newsletters give you a list of customers - this leads on to seminars and other products.

Of course, all three of those men are extremely good copywriters and have crafted their trade over the last couple of decades.

There's no doubt most reasonably intelligent people could emulate them if they had:

(a) An interest in the subject
(b) A burning desire to write good copy
(c) The discipline to spend years practicing the art of copywriting.

Some of us have to realise that we have none of those three traits.

Yes, I have made money from information publishing - mainly from writing reviews and articles, selling resale rights products and publishing information on websites.

However, it quickly became a chore to do this and it was obvious that this wasn't the way to go for me.

Therefore I have to cross information publishing off the list of my future plans. It won't be a major component of my future money making endeavours.

Next we come to betting and gambling.

Now this is an attractive prospect. Place a bet, it wins and the money you "earn" is tax free.

Sounds great.

Of course the problem is - what do we bet on?

I tried laying horses using one system - it didn't work very well.

After a year of running the system my bank was about 3% up. Pretty poor really.

More recently I tested a betting advisory service that gave one low-risk, low-odds bet once per day.

Unfortunately the tips quickly removed 35% of my betting bank. I got a refund within the 30 day guarantee period.

It's obvious that there are some people making money from betting but are these just the people selling systems?

Or are the real winners the people who have a slight edge over the bookmakers but the discipline to rigidly follow a money management plan and slow eek money out of sporting events?

I'm adamant that there must be some people out there who make a living purely from betting. I know that there are people who trade on Betfair horse racing markets and are able to make money consistently.

There must also be someone out there who can bet on single events and have enough winners to cover the losers and leave a little profit on top.

This is what I'd like to develop - a slow, boring, profitable system that doesn't take a great deal of time to run.

A small test I am running at present shows some promise in the popular "lay the draw" method of betting on "in-play" football markets on Betfair. It takes discipline and is likely to take a while to build up profits but I'm seeing some small, regular profits.

If this method ever builds up any real cash – or it can be boiled-down to a series of “do this, do that” instructions – I’ll give more details.

Financial trading and investing:

Spread betting is very attractive - the rewards can be big and any profits are tax-free. Of course, it's also a very quick way to lose a lot of money if you get it wrong.

Again, like standard betting, this is a slow-burner.

Day trading isn't likely to be much fun unless you have a huge passion for it, for the same reasons neither is forex trading. Do you really want to watch a screen all day waiting to see an indication that you should enter a trade?


However, I can see some promise in longer-term trading i.e. holding a position for weeks and months - exactly the way that Vince Stanzione suggests that you trade.

Likewise investing, by which I mean buying and holding shares and other assets - antiques, classic cars, stamps, coins, perhaps even domain names.

Investing is something that everyone should be doing constantly.

A good idea may be to make money from information publishing, gambling, forex trading or whatever but use some of the profits to invest in shares or another type of asset in order to see growth over a number of years.

For most, that's too slow but I can really see it as an excellent way to build some real wealth.

Affiliate marketing:

Well, this is an excellent way to make money as it removes all the problems of having to deal with customers.

Contrary to what most will say, you don't need to have an "email list" to whom you sending offers and receive commission. The main method I use is to provide excellent information on various websites and then include recommendations for products that tie into the information.

If you provide good info then search engines will provide visitors.

Get it right and it is a simple but effective cash cow with very few headaches - for example, you won't need a "helpdesk" for dealing with customers because you won't have any.

Add pages regularly to your website and it works in the background for you, making you money whilst you go off and do something more exciting.

Adsense would be included in this category.

Onto property.

Like investing, property opps are usually always going to be long term projects. Try and shortcut the process and you may just end up in over your head - like Greg and Andy did on their way to bankruptcy.

Yes, invest in property and look forward to long term gains but look at other opps too for some quicker profits.

Always remember the value of property will go up and down. This isn’t easy to remember when prices are storming upwards. I admit that I was completely carried away in the last housing boom – I just hope my memory is good when the next boom occurs.

Finally the outright scams.

Scams are always going to be around and they'll always be a group of scumbags looking to draw people into their latest pyramid scheme.

Do some due diligence and think carefully before you hand over any money.

No-one will give you money for nothing and there is always a catch.

For example, cash-gifting opps tend to be popular due to the inherent laziness of the general public. People fall in love with the idea of receiving envelopes of cash through the mail.

Some people do receive envelopes but the vast majority lose money. In addition, it’s an illegal practice in the UK. But the promoters will never tell you that…

Nobody cares about your money as much as you do so make sure to do as much research as you can about an opportunity before you part with any cash.

17th February 2011 was first launched in August 2005.

At that time it contained just a handful of pages that described some of the more well-known personalities in the business opportunity industry.

When the site was first published there was very little information available about biz opps in general and so it became popular very quickly. In the last 4 or 5 years since launch a number of similar sites have been created – some stuck around, others disappeared again (some even stole content from this site before realising that stealing is never a good idea).

Since the general downturn in the economy the info publishing business has really suffered and as such there haven’t been any new innovative ideas in quite some time.

Mailing frequency rates have dropped dramatically and whenever “new” products have appeared they were typically the same ideas but re-wrapped and served up under new names.

Generally you can split a biz opp into one of 6 categories:

(1) Information publishing
(2) Betting and gambling
(3) Financial trading and investing
(4) Affiliate and commission based opps
(5) Property
(6) Outright scams

Over the last 4+ years there have been reviews of products in all of these categories published on this site. Just check the links to the left to read through and get a feel for what each type of opportunity offers.

There are many reviews available here and on the companion blog, including reviews of products that are no longer sold.

It’s very rare that any information is removed from this site, despite the attempts of many publishers to have negative reviews removed. In the past I have had to deal with legal threats, attempted bribery, blatant lying and sob stories.

One woman sent me a series of threatening emails on Christmas Eve in 2007 (she was selling her husband’s extremely poor info product whilst he sat in jail serving time for fraud).

In 2008 one marketer offered to fly me over to his offices in the US, all expenses paid, if I would remove my review of some very disappointing dealings with his company.

In February 2010 another US marketer offered me a 5 figure sum for the site as he wanted details of his dodgy past to be removed from the search engines.

As I previously pointed out on this page:

It is our intention that each individual company is treated fairly and the information provided represents a fair description of their services and reputation”.

So if your product is junk and your customer service is atrocious, the review will likely point that out. If you don’t want to have negative reviews written about you then don’t sell terrible products and don’t treat your customers badly!

Below is the original introduction to the site which has been left in as it is still relevant. On the “feedback” page is a contact email address that you can use to reach me.

Enjoy the site and thanks for visiting.

2nd March 2010


Business Opportunities are rife almost wherever you look. But which ones are worthwhile?

If you want more detail, good or bad, about the most popular and widely advertised business opportunities available then you are definitely at the right place.

On the whole you will find that a lot of schemes which you can class as a business opportunity are worthwhile but, on the other hand, there are many advertised which are full-on scams.

If you are looking for home-based work then you are very likely to have come across hundreds of adverts promising riches beyond belief. Many "get rich quick" schemes aren't worth the paper they are written on but the good news is that some are worth their weight in gold.

Our aim on this site and through the completely free Business Opportunity blog, is to provide fair, accurate and honest views about as many opportunities as we can.

Make no mistake, some schemes can and will make you money if you put in the work - even the more expensive ones.

This site works as follows:

On the left you will find many links to popular Business Opportunity providers and companies. Each link will aim to show you:

(a) Details of the author, company and websites associated with the scheme
(b) A little background about each one
(c) Opinions taken from various sources
(d) The price of the each product they offer (where known)
(e) The likelyhood of success
(f) Suggestions of cheaper or better opportunites which provide similar information

It is our intention that each individual company is treated fairly and the information provided represents a fair description of their services and reputation.

Some points to remember about Business Opportunities:

  • Some, if not all, will require you to pay an upfront fee for the information

  • All Biz Opps are created to make the author/original company money. What you have to decide is whether the information or services provided will make you money

  • The price of any particular opportunity does not reflect the value. Some incredibly cheap opportunities can be very, very profitable. On the other hand, some expensive ones can be dire.

  • Many biz opps have a limited life span. If you are thinking of buying, for example, an ebook about eBay written in 2002 it may well be very out of date. Online businesses like eBay change rapidly. Methods that are profitable one year may be useless the next.

  • No matter what you are told in the sales literature, all businesses require hard work to be profitable. There is no easy way to make money.

If you wish to add any feedback about a particular scheme or want to suggest any you are interested in, please use the Feedback form found to the left to email your suggestions. Any relevant feedback will be added to the site and the author credited.

Thanks for visiting, I hope you find some useful information,

Ben Catt

Ben Catt




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